Discover benefits of the Smart BSS product: CRM

Increase the level of customer service

Your employees can fulfill their tasks even better thanks to this centralized and comprehensive tool facilitating their work.

Build a 360° customer view that integrates multiple data sources

Combine internal BSS and external data sources to increase customer support.

Gain a smooth flow of information and confidentiality

Streamline customer care by sharing data with authorized employees while restricting access to confidential information and special functions when necessary.

CRM – Smart BSS tool for managing customer relations

The key element of the CRM platform is the 360-degree customer view panel, which allows you to manage the complete information and parameters of every customer's account. To ensure this capability, it was crucial to perform very tight integration with Product Catalog, Billing and Finance Management as well as online platforms (Webshop and Self-care). Thanks to this, you can easily:

  • Create customer accounts and contact data
  • Manage customer interactions
  • Place orders or updates
  • Create payment data and manage collection
  • Upload and send documents and notifications
  • Support and resolve multiple types of requests
  • Remove and anonymize data in accordance with GDPR
  • Create business intelligence reports


CRM – Smart BSS customer care platform

CRM is a platform where you can grant access for your employees responsible for customer management. It encapsulates customer account management functionalities and facilitates communication with your clients.

The Smart BSS CRM, on the other hand, encapsulates not only customer care, but also allows Product Catalog and Billing & Finance management to be integrated in a comprehensive solution. Thanks to the possibility to define the roles that differ in the scope and range of granted access, one platform can be used by call center employees, admins, financial department staff and sales agents. Alongside its flexibility, the Smart BSS CRM includes a comprehensive panel of customer lifecycle functionalities, from account creation and on-boarding to management and customer off-boarding in one dashboard. The 360-degree customer view functionality facilitates all operations by keeping them simple and located in one main panel. This allows billing and invoicing, and automated dunning for unpaid invoices.

Another important Smart BSS CRM functionality is the daily communication platform, which allows you to create notifications in a simple HTML creator, and send them through contact channels (e-mail, SMS). Your employees can manage the tickets with customers' requests and issues, or take other actions. Interaction management also includes GDPR consents, marketing campaigns management and loyalty programs. The system comes with some predefined options such as notifications in English, but you can always define a broad data base of notifications in the languages of choice. The same system allows you to generate and publish your offers defined in the Product Catalog. The built-in graph creation function allows you to collect data for further analytics and prospecting management, which makes the Smart BSS CRM a concise and comprehensive platform for any subscription billing vertical business.

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