Performance Management

Performance Management: Telecommunications Network Performance Management

Improving customer experience demands better telecom performance management through effective network metric processing and monitoring. Additionally, decision-makers expect the efficient presentation of reports supporting the appropriate strategic network investment decisions. Increasing traffic and the introduction of advanced monitoring technologies result in the urgent need to process huge amounts of data in near real time.

Comarch Performance Management is an automated, comprehensive visualization, analysis and reporting tool designed for multi-vendor and multi-technology resources and service quality management. The performance management automation product allows big data to be processed through Hadoop integration. Comarch Performance Management product is part of the Comarch Integrated Assurance that expands service assurance capabilities, helping improve customer experience and bringing down capital and operational costs.

Press Release: Real-time Performance Monitoring of the Arqiva Network and Service:

Comarch, a global supplier of software and services, provides the Operational Support System (OSS) and professional services that supports Arqiva’s smart metering platform, part of the UK Government’s Smart Metering Programme that will be delivered to 26 million homes in the UK by 2020...

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See for yourself how AI can bring your telco service management to the next level!

Example of Performance Management Custom Dashboard

Example of Performance Management Custom Dashboard

Predictive Maintenance as the first step towards Intelligent Assurance

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Benefits of implementing a mobile network performance management system - Comarch Performance Management:

Get a holistic view of your physical and virtual network

Break silos in your organization and integrate your monitoring systems covering different technologies.

Improve your network performance using machine learning & AI

Utilize machine learning algorithms to automatically define baselines and detect anomalies.

Integrate your KQs with intelligent event processing

Embed threshold-crossing events generated by your SQM into end to end processing of events arising from different sources.

Monitor your 5G and IoT services

Comarch Telecom Service Quality Management is one prerequisite for the efficient monitoring of new services resulting from 5G and IoT technologies.

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Comarch Performance Management in Use:

"We greatly appreciate the flexibility of Comarch's solutions that are tailored to fit our specific requirements. The company's understanding of telecom business, combined with the commitment and domain knowledge of its specialists, convinced us that by partnering with them we can successfully face the challenges of the OSS transformation project we have planned, which is why we decided to select Comarch for long-term cooperation."

Juan Manuel Caro Bernat, Director of Operations & OSS
Telefónica S.A.

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Optimizing Long-term Costs by Introducing Pervasive AI

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