Report: No Strategy for Cloud Migration?

European Research Takes a Closer Look at Business-Cloud Relations

Solving Cloud Migration Challenges in 2023: European Study

A staggering 60% of companies are carrying out cloud migration projects without a strategy – these are the findings of the brand-new Cloud Migration Study by CIO, CSO, COMPUTERWOCHE Research Services, and Comarch. Why is there so little planning involved in embracing new technologies? And what solutions some of the European businesses are implementing to fight back? The German-market-centered research reveals it all.

The 2023 Cloud Migration Study assembled a total of 321 (IT) decision-makers from companies in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. It covered executives from all relevant areas within businesses, from C-level through specialist departments to IT itself. Its results show that while cloud technology is becoming “the foundation for the digital economy,” according to Comarch’s IT Consulting Director, Barłomiej Kluska, and more than 7 out of 10 companies surveyed plan to transfer up to 80 percent of their on-premises applications to the cloud, there’s still a lack of clear idea on how to adopt the cloud. 

That’s why the focus of most businesses should shift to developing strategy.

“A strategy will move up the top priority list. More companies need to take advantage of the full cloud potential today. Those who approach cloud the right way will quickly see success”, Bartlomiej Kluska comments on the results. “It is pleasing to see that cloud and control go hand in hand for many. The study proves that almost 9 out of 10 companies intend to migrate to the cloud based on a plan of action in the future.”

  • What are the techniques to help them get there?
  • How are cloud and corporate strategies related?
  • Why is the hybrid extension such a common method (chosen by 49% of companies) for cloud migration?

Detailed insights can be found in the “Cloud Migration 2023” – available for download for free.

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