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Comarch IoT Connect: A Comprehensive Platform for IoT Management in Telecom

The number of devices connected to the Internet of Things (IoT) is estimated at a few times greater than the population of our planet. In a very short time, this number will rise; we could soon see 10 connected devices for every one person on Earth – and there’s no saying that this will be the final figure.

In the developed world, we use IoT for practically everything. Most of us have phones, computers, tablets, televisions, games consoles and so on, and these are obviously “connected things”. But we also use IoT devices in our smart homes – managing heating, alarms or lighting systems, or the way our fridges operate. We find them in our smart cars, delivering communal services and transport in smart cities, in medicine… even in the collars of our cats and dogs.

To manage all those devices comprehensively we need a platform that connects not only devices and assets, but also network, data and telecom IoT business. This is possible thanks to Comarch IoT Connect and its IoT solutions for the telecom industry and vertical sectors, encompassing 

creating a comprehensive platform to cover the whole IoT area.

Beyond the Basics of IoT A Practical Guide to Sales Automation

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Comarch IoT Connect Lets You:

  • Cover the whole IoT value chain and enable your partners and resellers to sell bundled telecom IoT services composed of a device, connectivity and application
  • Charge in real time for the real IoT service that customers are buying, and not separate service elements
  • Define a complete ecosystem of partners, resellers, customers and their structure to reflect the real network of IoT businesses
  • React automatically and instantly when your IoT devices do not operate in line with your concept
  • Analyze services graphically - including usage, movement, trajectories, customer behavior and many more, so that you are always up to date
  • Help in ordering processes and the fast and efficient delivery of services to all customers
  • Automate all activities with self-service and partner management processes, to become faster and more efficient
  • Monitor SLA for all parts of the IoT service: connectivity as well as device.

Comarch IoT Connect Overview

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Comarch IoT Connect Is Composed of the Following Products:

IoT connect solution table

Press Release: Comarch Becomes New Partner of 450connect:

Comarch, one of the leading IT companies in Europe, will provide the core IT platform for 450connect’s business and operations support systems (BSS/OSS)...

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Case Study: Support in entering the IoT / M2M market

"We chose Comarch because their existing product portfolio provided a good basis for the platform. More importantly, Comarch was able to prove their ability to quickly develop custom features upon request. We believe that in dynamically growing markets, flexibility and customer orientation are the keys to success. The set-up we have chosen with Comarch helps us deliver just that."

A1 Telekom Austria Group High Management Representative

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