Topological Correlations

Topological Correlations: An IT System for Alarms Correlation in Telecoms

Topological correlations focus on utilizing information about network configuration received either directly from the network (via OSS Reconciliation) or from the resource inventory (either Comarch Resource Inventory or a third-party solution) for the efficient correlation of alarms. Network topology, including physical, logical and virtualized elements, is loaded into a graph database where it is used to process events arising from the network. The expected average alarm reduction rate ranges from 30% to 70% (depending on the technology, vendor, network configuration and OSS landscape).

Topological correlations, alongside machine learning use cases are extensions of the advanced Comarch Correlation Engine, which itself is part of Comarch Fault Management. The goals are improved correlation rates, decreased mean time to repair, and supporting the automation of assurance processes.

Topological Correlations - Graph Definition

Topological Correlations - graph definition

Topological Correlations – Logic Definition

Topological Correlations – logic definition

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Benefits of implementing a network alarm correlation management system - Comarch Topological Correlations:

Use your network topology for efficient root-cause analysis

Integration of network monitoring with resource inventory boosts your assurance processes.

Enhance your existing fault management system

Comarch Topological Correlations can cooperate with third-party fault management products.

Benefit from pre-defined technology packs

Comarch Technology Packs support different technologies and include correlation rules following industry standards and vendor specifications.

Make rule-based and AI-based systems work together

Enhance topological correlations with machine learning algorithms and get full-blown intelligent assurance and analytics.

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