Disaster Recovery Center

Disaster Recovery Center is a fully functional IT infrastructure, which is responsible for the processing of critical systems and business processes.

As a result, in the event of unplanned interruptions in the functioning of the primary location, service and all operational activities are switched to the backup center and therefore the unavailability of services  is limited to the absolute minimum.

Comarch's offer within the scope of DRC - Disaster Recovery Center services allows the client to safeguard against any negative effects of any type of infrastructure failure. Providing recovery center services gives also your business better IT security and more work comfort. There is no guarantee that your IT infrastructure will be safety without professional data backup services.

Elements of Comarch Disaster Recovery Center

  • The computing center - Data Center is located away from the customer production systems and thus it is unaffected by malfunctions and damage that arises there
  • Office spaces with social facilities and parking for the client's employees
  • High-speed telecommunications links connected to the Internet or the client’s corporate network
  • The network is protected from viruses, attacks and attempts of unauthorized access
  • Servers are prepared and configured to the needs of the application, and in case of failure, production systems are reproduced and made available on them
  • Backup devices for the protection of customer data stored on servers
  • PC workstations in the amount and configuration that is agreed with the client
  • Network printers and other office equipment
  • Telephone lines (external and internal)

Elements of Comarch DRC

Disaster Recovery Center Benefits

  • a guarantee of business continuity in the event of unforeseeable events within the realm of the customer IT infrastructure
  • a guarantee of having protection against unpredictable random events without having to incur high investment costs for the construction of one’s own backup center - 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
  • minimalization of the effects of any type of failure of the Client’s IT infrastructure
  • the ability to physically test backup procedures to ensure trouble-free switching between centers
  • access to specialist knowledge and competencies that Comarch has developed over many years of its presence on he Polish IT market

Benefits of disaster recovery centre and data backup

Data Backup

Your data is the most important thing for your business. Having a backup plan set before anything goes wrong should be one of the first steps in protecting your company. One of the most important things is also to have a data backup for the purpose of being able to make a restoration in case of any data loss. 

Data backup should be part of the each policy of continuity of operations, which should be in place at your company.

Data backup

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