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Customer Service Support Software Portal for Ensuring Customer Satisfaction

Customers expect short response times for their requests, and the delivery of professional service on site. This necessitates informing them about the date and time of service appointments, and updating them about the technician location, arrival time, and service time.

Field service workers must also perform their tasks correctly and efficiently to ensure top customer service and client satisfaction. But, in order to exceed customer expectations and deliver outstanding customer experience, there is also a need to provide after-service support that will enable you to maintain your positive relationship with the client.

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Utlizing field service support software in customer service

Self-Service: Field service customer portal

With the client portal module, you allow customers to be involved in the service process from the start. Thanks to easy communication via the portal and the use of notifications, they can choose an appropriate date and time for their appointments, and cancel or reschedule visits.

Thanks to this self-service option, clients can control the situation and view technician location and task status. With these software features you may adjust your services to meet customers’ changing needs. 

Self-Service FSM

Service Quality: Field service support software for efficient issue resolution

To ensure field service of high quality, Comarch FSM provides several options enabling efficient issue resolution and service process tracking. With task checklists, technicians are able to perform effectively and within the expected timeframe.

When an order is complete, the technician adds photo documentation and notes, and the customer rates their work before filling out the quality survey on the mobile device and confirming service delivery with a signature. Thanks to these solutions, you know how your customer service is performing. 

After-service Quality: FSM system ensuring high quality customer service

Even when a service has been delivered, a client may require further documents about the performed tasks, or might need to make new appointments. In such cases, your business should use information about the previous service appointments to help the client take further steps.

Customers can also evaluate service quality by completing automatically generated customer satisfaction surveys available via Customer Portal.

To facilitate this, Comarch FSM allows your clients to define preferred technicians, view visit histories, and see documents regarding the resolved issues. With these options, the customer service process is constantly being improved from beginning to end.

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