Comarch at a glance

Comarch has:

•    28 years of industry experience
•    Polish capital - headquarters located in Krakow
•    References from across the world
•    6500 first-class professionals (programmers, computer scientists and economists), graduates from the best Polish and foreign universities
•    Own R&D department made up of high-end IT engineers
•    High IT analyst ratings: DiS, Gartner, IDC, Truffle 100
•    Custom Data Centers in Poland and Germany for the provision of services in many models, including SaaS and Managed Services


Philosophy regarding cooperating with customers:

•    Projects implemented within budgets and schedules
•    Deep understanding of your business needs and the technology you use
•    IT solutions shaped together with our customers
•    IT solutions portfolio built in house – faster implementation and easier integration, thus reducing the risks of a project
•    Easy, configurable solutions that grow with your business
•    Great value for money
•    Services provided to many industry verticals, from telecommunications, through airlines & travel, banking & finance, retail, oil & gas, healthcare, public administration, to small & medium enterprises (SMEs)
•    We specialize in ERP business management systems, information security, CRM and sales support systems, electronic communications, network infrastructure management, IoT solutions, data analytics, and business intelligence
•    We offer a vast array of professional services, including outsourcing, and consulting



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