Comarch ERP Optima

The first choice of small and medium-sized companies in Poland. Always compliant with regulations.

We are trusted by more than 60 000 companies from different industries and market sectors.

The Comarch ERP Optima system is also available in the cloud model, which allows the comprehensive management of company processes via the Internet.  

For a regular monthly payment, the client gets access to browser-based online software supporting enterprise management.

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What Our Clients Say

  • Thanks to Comarch ERP Optima, the accounting process has become easier and faster, while analysis provided by the program enables us to make accurate and swift business decisions.

    Zdzisława Mrukwa, President of Board at MPRD Sp. z o.o.
  • I strongly recommend Comarch ERP Optima to all accountancy offices which want to develop and provide excellent service to their clients.

    Piotr Piekarski, President at Acartus SA

  • Thanks to regular program updates, we are always certain that we work in compliance with current legal regulations, despite their constant changes.

    Barbara Placzek, Owner of an Accountancy Office
  • We selected Comarch ERP Optima because it is innovative and flexible. The program is always compliant with current legal regulations thanks to regular updates.

    Mirosław Trzaska, Board Member at Ziemo-Vita

  • Above all, Comarch ERP Optima helped us save time in practically every area. Thanks to that, I could expand my target market and reach a new group of customers.

    Aneta Liszewska, President of Board at

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