HR and Payroll

Comarch ERP Optima HR and Payroll

The management of an HR and payroll department requires constant tracking of changes to labor and social insurance law. 

Thanks to regular updates provided by Comarch experts which take into account all such modifications, the HR and Payroll module guarantees an immediate reaction to changing requirements.

The application effectively supports HR and payroll services in each company. Thanks to carefully designed functionalities, working with the module is automated, which minimizes the risk of error occurrence upon executing an operation. The module is fully integrated with the Polish program Płatnik, enabling the user to send insurance documents to the social insurance institution (ZUS). It also allows the automatic sending of tax returns to the revenue service via the Internet.

The Comarch ERP Optima HR and Payroll Module Makes it Possible to:

  • Keep a record of employees, with the possibility to track the history of their employment inside and outside the company
  • Create a subordination structure which streamlines HR management in Comarch ERP Optima and in the Comarch ERP e-Employee application
  • Calculate salaries, taking into account absences, working time, bonus payments, and piece rates
  • Import and export spreadsheets containing such data as current HR data, information about civil law contracts, data on work schedules, details about time at work and absences
  • Import HR data of employees from the Polish program Płatnik
  • Control the uniqueness of employees’, national identity numbers
  • Import electronic medical certificates
  • Calculate absences, with the possibility to print calculation bases for vacation leave, sick leave, compensation for unused leave
  • Control employee absence limits, e.g. for vacation leave (including limits for first-time employees or employees subject to reduced working time)
  • Control the 14/30/60-day limit for child home care allowance
  • Select a method for registering employee working time (including a simplified method - entering summaries of working time per month)
  • Calculate absences related to parenthood for part-time employees
  • Automatically calculate the basis of pension contributions for employees on parental leave
  • Efficiently define individual working schemes and register working time
  • Record and calculate overtime and night working hours
  • Define custom salary components, absences, and absence limits
  • Create corrections, both for employees and owners, of posted payrolls, with the possibility to retain originally calculated salaries in the program
  • Divide employees’ wages into cash payments and/or bank transfers
  • Calculate civil law contracts, including those signed by foreigners, taking into account the control of minimum wages for contract employees
  • Calculate civil law contracts with an hourly rate, with the use of the printout of working time records for contract employees
  • Associate bonus payments and civil law contracts with payrolls, which enables automatic calculation on selected payrolls
  • Calculate and print tax returns in compliance with binding form standards
  • Send tax returns to an online system
  • Create statements for the Polish State Fund For Rehabilitation Of Disabled People (Wn-D with attachments) and auxiliary printouts for DEK-II and DEK-I-0
  • Create auxiliary printouts for reports sent to Statistics Poland
  • Create and send report forms to the Płatnik system and social insurance statements for employees and owners, along with required attachments
  • Keep a record of an individual contribution account assigned to an employee by the social insurance institution
  • Archive selected HR forms and remunerations for a selected period
  • Send payrolls from an HR database to another database in order to post them

Comarch ERP Optima HR and the Payroll Plus Module Additionally Make it Possible to:

  • Specify an organizational structure which enables the user to assign employees to separate departments
  • Associate a payroll with a selected department
  • Handle provident funds: membership of the PKZP fund, contribution records, relief assignment, granting loans, creating payback schedules and reporting
  • Control and keep a record of deduction amounts (including bailiff fees and alimony payments)
  • Manage simultaneous operations for many employees - calculating absence limits, changing the value of selected fields on an HR form, adding absences, inserting days in a working plan/time
  • Manage HR and payroll services for employees hired for multiple positions (see a clip)
  • Calculate remunerations for employees working abroad
  • Calculate remunerations for temporary employees (see a clip)
  • Automatically, periodically calculate remuneration components
  • Keep records in an employee presence calendar related to any number of entries/exits in different periods of working time during the day
  • Calculate overtime within a reference period longer than one month, including the separation of daily overtime and average weekly overtime, and record time off in lieu
  • Import information on time at work, registered with the use of time and attendance devices
  • Define bonus payments according to individual client templates and merge them in groups
  • Specify attributes, which are features allowing the user to describe employees by entering any kind of additional information
  • Generate analytical descriptions for particular remuneration components

E-learning materials for Comarch ERP Optima HR and Payroll

It is also possible to integrate Comarch ERP Optima HR and Payroll with:

  • Comarch ERP XL/Enterprise
  • Comarch ERP Altum
  • Mobile applications: Comarch HRM and Comarch Mobile Management

    It is the client’s need that decides what functionalities of the program should be used in daily work. It is possible to extend the installation from HR and Payroll to HR and Payroll Plus at any time.

    These modules are primarily characterized by the simplicity of their use, the transparency of information, the possibility to adjust quickly to changing legal regulations, and a stable position on the market

Comarch HRM

Comarch HRM is an application supporting the management of working time, vacation leave and business trips, as well as training sessions and interim performance evaluation, cooperating with Comarch ERP Optima HR and Payroll, Comarch ERP XL/Enterprise, and Comarch ERP Altum HR.

The Comarch HRM application can be used via a desktop computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone. The program dynamically adjusts to each screen on which it is displayed.

The application can also be configured in the service model through the Comarch cloud (see a clip).

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