Comarch Loyalty Marketing Cloud

Connect with and engage your customers on all fronts

Get a complete set of powerful loyalty management & digital marketing tools


is an all-in-one suite of business applications and professional services that can help you:

Build and manage immersive loyalty programs and marketing campaigns  ·  Deliver personalized CXs across multiple touchpoints  ·  Automate your marketing processes and boost profits  ·  Monitor and analyze customer behavior effectively  ·  Launch your programs and campaigns in no time  ·  Integrate with third-party systems with ease

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Design and launch engaging loyalty programs & rewards campaigns to build lasting customer relationships and increase brand awareness.

Incorporate advanced promotion and rewarding schemes into your marketing strategy by getting a complete set of easy-to-use customer loyalty tools. Also, connect with third-party software with near-zero effort thanks to an Open API and batch interfaces.


Build and visualize personalized customer journeys to send your clients the right message at the right time and place.

Use our MA tools to create and run marketing campaigns based on past customer behavior (AI/ML), as well as to send time or event-based email, push, and SMS messages to your customers. The platform will also provide you with key recommendations on when and where to deliver your content. 


Optimize and personalize both your marketing campaigns & loyalty programs using our advanced AI/ML technology.


Get your hands on a dedicated set of frontend applications to improve interactions with loyalty program members.

Design, launch, and manage your website & mobile applications to follow the principles of the omnichannel communication strategy. Also, get access to a customer care portal, where you can view and update information concerning any given program member.

Go live in four weeks

Since all applications and services included in the suite are cloud-based, there's no time-consuming implementation process. 

It means you can start using these tools almost as soon as you create an account. Wait, that's not all!

Our team of customer loyalty experts can help you bring your customer engagement ideas to life - and add some of their own to make sure you gain a competitive advantage. 

So, the only question is - when do we start?

CLM Cloud

Use it to meet your customers' needs & expectations

Customers want to feel special

Using the suite, you can build 360° customer profiles based on the data you collect. You can also analyze that data with our AI/ML tools to learn how you can improve your strategy. The tools will also help you introduce personalization, meaning you will be able to present your clients with content they can relate to.

Customers want data to be secure

Safety leads to trust. With Comarch Loyalty Marketing Cloud, you can be sure that all of your data, including every bit of information provided by your clients, is safe and sound at all times. This will help you reassure your customers that their well-being is your top priority.

Customers want to be rewarded

Thanks to Comarch Loyalty Marketing Cloud, you will be able to decide how your customers will be rewarded for their engagement. If you get it right, it will make your clients want to interact with your brand more in the future.

An AI-powered, comprehensive platform with...

  • A wide range of functionalities – not only does our solution give you the possibility to collect client data and analyze customer behavior effectively, but it also allows you to run various types of loyalty programs (using points, statuses, coupons, discounts, and others) based on your findings.
  • A dedicated set of value-added services - our team of highly experienced loyalty experts can help you design, implement, and manage immersive loyalty programs. 
  • Free upgrades and a roadmap full of exciting features - all Comarch Loyalty Marketing Cloud users receive the latest system updates, new functionalities, and various improvements for free (upgrades are already included in the monthly subscription fee).
  • A modern and intuitive interface - using drag-and-drop tools, even non-tech users can create engaging promotions and campaigns & design message content in a blink of an eye
  • Open API and batch interfaces -  Comarch Loyalty Marketing Cloud allows you to integrate with 3rd party software with ease

Expand the scope of our support

Choosing Comarch Loyalty Marketing Cloud, you will receive the basic support that guarantees top system performance. To help you gain a competitive advantage, however, we can provide you with additional business and technical assistance.

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