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Build, run, and manage immersive loyalty programs - with minimal effort & at a low cost

What is Comarch Loyalty Cloud?

Comarch Loyalty Cloud (CLC) is a robust, modular platform that allows you to easily incorporate advanced promotion strategies and rewarding schemes into your customer engagement tactics. Designed to help you build and manage personalized loyalty programs, it stands out as a highly practical and affordable marketing tool, available in a pay-as-you-go model.

You can fully enjoy all the features of the CLC platform just a few days after you sign the contract. That's because our product enables you to bypass the time-consuming project implementation process and, as a result, start driving customer loyalty in no time.

If you expect innovation and guidance, rather than customization, Comarch Loyalty Cloud is exactly what you are looking for - and so much more.

CLM Cloud

What are its key benefits?

VIDEO: Personalization makes customer relationships stronger

Comarch Loyalty Cloud allows you to personalize the loyalty program experience by building specific segments and using them to drive individualized customer interactions. Watch the video to learn more!

Power it up! - The promotions engine 

The promotions engine is the heart of the CLC platform - and it makes all the difference in the world. Why?

For instance, our flexible promotion mechanism allows you to quickly react to specific examples of customer behavior by distributing coupons, sending notifications (using multiple communication channels), offer product discounts - and so much more. 

It also helps you engage clients using techniques that go beyond the traditional scope of customer loyalty, for example, it enables you to define promotions for the whole receipt or specific products, as well as refer to both single transactions and accumulated values.

The External Event mechanism, on the other hand, gives you the opportunity to extend the list of members' behavior without limits and integrate any of the available data sources that can track specific member-performed actions. Not to mention that it makes monitoring the performance of loyalty programs both possible and business-relevant. 

Enrollment and data collection made easy - like a walk in the park

A loyalty program cannot do without establishing registration strategies and enlisting new members as they help define the way of how you collect customer data and increase awareness of the program.

Comarch Loyalty Cloud allows you to design and implement an enrollment and registration plan that suits your business needs; also including the possibility to build member-gets-member promotions. Thus, as a user, you can independently configure each of the following areas: login settings, member attributes, member consents, password policy, identifiers management, household restrictions, enrollment restrictions - and more!

Struggling to find a reward? Use a coupon!

Recognizing engagement is one of the key elements of running successful loyalty programs. Using the CLC platform, not only can you define physical rewards, but also vouchers, coupons, and discount codes - both for entire transactions and particular product purchase.

Comarch Loyalty Cloud supports coupons issued as part of mass campaigns and promotions, though they are also available to customers in exchange for loyalty points. The coupons themselves can be utilized as cash or percentage discounts, or they can be used for collecting rewards.

Expand the scope of our support

Choosing Comarch Loyalty Cloud, you will receive the basic support that guarantees top system performance. To help you gain a competitive advantage, however, we can provide you with additional business and technical assistance.

Business Services

Having many years of experience in carrying out loyalty projects all over the world, our Customer Success Managers are here to make sure that your concerns regarding the point rule design, campaign management, and Cloud product features will be thoroughly analyzed and quickly resolved - in a way that is most beneficial for your business.

Premium Technical Support

Having a powerful cloud-based loyalty platform is one thing. Introducing the latest loyalty program enhancements, or integrating with a new module, is a different story. To help you complete such tasks efficiently, we offer our Premium Technical Support - an optional service providing CLC users with an enhanced level of IT support.  

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