Comarch Loyalty Fraud Detection

The Main Challenge

Loyalty programs are, indeed, exceptional at helping you improve your customers’ engagement. The problem is that the more popular and structurally complex they get, the more they are prone to becoming high-risk targets for acts of loyalty fraud. In case of any violation, your company must be prepared to defend itself and eliminate the threat. Considering the amount of data produced by today’s loyalty programs, however, detecting loyalty frauds must involve beyond-human abilities – ones that are common for AI-driven technologies.

What’s our solution?

Being part of the Comarch Loyalty Management (CLM) platform, our Loyalty Fraud Detection system incorporates the latest Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning algorithms to help you effectively detect any fraudulent activities resulting from configuration loopholes, integration flaws, account takeovers, mass enrollments, and more.

Enabling real-time, AI-driven monitoring & analytics of your loyalty data, it examines your system logs, API facades, program-wide statistics, as well as your program logic configuration, looking for potential threats and vulnerabilities. What is more, the system learns from past loyalty program interactions and applies the knowledge in practice to make sure that your loyalty programs are safe and sound at all times. 

What are the key benefits?

Proactive fraud prevention

Comarch’s Loyalty Fraud Detection solution guarantees that every transactional anomaly in customers’ behavior will be detected, reported, and prevented from causing any damage. If there’s a new way to commit fraud, not only will our system find it, but it will also learn its ways to eliminate similar threats more effectively in the future. Designed as a proactive security measure, Loyalty Fraud Detection will allow you always to be two steps ahead of any fraudster.

proactive fraud prevention

Enhanced security of loyalty programs

The primary purpose of our solution is to help you reduce the risk of internal and external loyalty frauds taking place. Otherwise, such incidents may be the cause of customer churns, negative brand associations, as well as potential financial setbacks. By providing you with the right, AI-driven defensive tools, we are successfully keeping the fraudsters at bay – not allowing them to compromise your customer loyalty operations in any way.

enhanced security

Improved workload management

With the help of our AI/ML-powered loyalty fraud prevention module, you can significantly reduce the number of false-positive incidents that usually require time and cost-consuming manual reviews carried out by contact center agents or loyalty fraud analysts.

improved workload management

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