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  Solutions for the Oil & Gas industry 

Loyalty Management

Comarch provides cutting-edge IT solutions for comprehensive management of loyalty programs, customer relations, and support for marketing activities.

Customer Engagement

With best-in-class Comarch Loyalty Management system you can create and execute unique customer engagement programs, effectively manage memberships and rewards, interact with customers across multiple channels, and finally track program performance.

Campaign Management

It’s time to gain total control over your marketing activities. With this tool you’ll be able to set up a campaign, supervise its progress, and analyze the results.

Electronic Data Interchange

Our solution is ready for the electronic communication of data specific to oil & gas companies. We know the industry and help with exchanging information regarding different metric units, means of transportation, carrier data, and number plates.

Enterprise Content Management

This tool facilitates the comprehensive management and archiving of information automatically captured from paper and electronic business documents. Within the ECM system you can easily and securely store your database as well as manage documents related to procurement, sales, logistics, contract management, and quality assurance.

Comarch ICT

Our business model is characterized by a short implementation time and guarantee of high level of data security along with minimal entry costs. Let us know about your business needs in order to get a personalized offer.

Tell us your business needs, and we’ll find the perfect solution