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MAPCO Express, Inc. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Delek US Holdings, Inc. with headquarters in Brentwood, Tennessee. Delek US operates 373 retail fuel and convenience stores in eight states under the MAPCO Express, MAPCO Mart, East Coast, Discount Food Mart, Fast Food and Fuel, Delta Express, and Favorite Markets brand names.

Its stores are wholly company-branded however market fuel under various major oil company brands including BP and Marathon. MAPCO Express is one of the largest company-operated convenience store chains in the United States and one of the leading C-store operators in the Southeast. More than half of the store locations are in Tennessee.

Business Challenges 

The goal of Comarch Loyalty Management implementation for MAPCO Express was to provide a tool for setting up, running and monitoring an innovative loyalty program that will make it possible to:
  • get better insight into customers by identifying their behavior and collecting profile data,
  • increase customer retention by providing attractive offers tailored to individual customer needs,
  • increase fuel and non-fuel transaction volume and basket size create new income opportunities.

MAPCO’s main challenge was to create a program which is convenient, easy to use and valuable for customers.

Implemented Product

Comarch Loyalty Management implemented in MAPCO offers a broad portfolio of new features:
  • CPG discount rules – used for cents per gallon discounts; for gas stations that support price rollback at the pump it is possible to configure the system to lower the price per gallon on the dispenser display before the customer starts pumping fuel.
  • Line item discounts – used for partial discounts for individual products purchased,
  • Reward clubs – when a customer purchases a certain product, one automatically becomes a club member and the system tracks the number of club products purchased. After the customer made the correct amount of qualifying purchases, he is instantly rewarded free item on next purchase,
  • Automatic ticket level discounts – used for providing discounts based on the total value of the transaction,
  • Random rewards – giving away random rewards are used for creating the “wow effect”,
  • Bank discounts - gives the customer the same discount type as immediate discounts, but instead the customer can utilize the discount in the future,
  • Giveaways – available only for registered customers. Qualification is based on the number of loyalty card swipes; each swipe the customer increases their chance to win a special reward.

Points redemption process is always automatic in order to speed up checkout process.

By taking advantage of real-time processing, Comarch Loyalty Management enables to communicate with customers instantly through personalized messages at the fuel pump, on the receipt and in store. In addition the system offers other ways of communication with program members. Certain events during the customer lifecycle may result in creating an email communication. Apart from those predefined events, the solution allows to create marketing campaigns, surveys and use email to target audience.

Target audience for communication and/or accumulation rules may be tailored to a specific group of customers by leveraging the customer
segmentation concept.


The most important benefits, which MAPCO Express gained thanks to cooperation with Comarch and implementation of Comarch Loyalty Management solution are as follows:
  • detailed transaction information,
  • automatic points issuance and redemption,
  • targeted and personalized real-time marketing messages, targeted offers based on customer segments related to transaction history,
  • insight into current customer preferences,
  • flexible and diverse promotions for points, discounts and coupons, detailed analysis of member information for business insights, integration with external systems,
  • automatic fraud detection.

More About The Implemented Product

Comarch Loyalty Management

One of the main challenges for customer-oriented enterprises is to create a strong bond between customers and the brand.

Remarks from MAPCO

  • "In the current retail environment, where customers have many choices we need to make every effort to give the customer an outstanding, unique and personable experience. The MY Reward$ program, hosted on Comarch Loyalty Management has been a great way for MAPCO to better serve our most valuable customers, and gather data to better position ourselves.

    I am truly excited about the flexibility of Comarch Loyalty Management and all of the functionality it allows us to get insight on our customers, and market offers to them accordingly.

    Additionally I am very excited about the broad variety of features available within CLM. We continue to push the innovative boundaries driven by customer value. We plan to be the first to market with a native app with mobile payment at the pump.
    Furthermore we are developing APIs to platforms with relevance to our most valuable customers."

    Howard Curtis 
    Director of Marketing & CRM, MAPCO Express, Inc

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