Comarch Location-Based Services

Get in touch with your customers 
using their location

Enabling real-time client communication
via a robust mobile application

What is Comarch Location-Based Services?

As a modern IT product, Comarch Location-Based Services blends the maturity of software development with a bold approach to all things smart. Focused on using a mobile application as a robust B2C interface, it enables companies to communicate with their customers on a personal level.

By collecting location data from beacons distributed across your spaces, it executes customized marketing campaigns at the right time and place to help you present new and existing clients with offers that really hit the spot

Designed to support enterprises of all sizes and industries, the platform can be customized to your needs and requirements. You can choose whether you would like to use it as a standalone product or an extension of the CRM system

Start using Comarch Location-Based Services today to give your customers more reasons to choose your offers!

Combining Online and Offline

A robust B2P module

Comarch Location Based Services provides a dedicated set of tools, including:

  • an administrative portal for comprehensive business logic management
  • a powerful mobile application
  • a web portal interface for end customers
  • a unique B2P module that facilitates your partner's onboarding processes
  • a platform for managing all connected devices, including Comarch Beacons

All of these features make it easy for you to build sophisticated marketing strategies that will engage your customers and make them interact with your brand more often.

Proximity Marketing

Proximity Marketing

Using Comarch Location Based Services, retailers can receive valuable data about the customers who enter their premises with mobile phones. Our dedicated mobile app, which is part of the LBS product, receives signals from beacons so the platform could detect the customer’s presence in real-time, and then push notification in a fraction of second.

This mobile notification can feature some basic information about the store's opening hours, new products in stock and the latest sales. It can also be personalized, using the customer's profile data (date of birth, purchasing habits, history of transactions).

Indoor Guidance

Indoor Guidance

Gathering location data also allows the mobile app to function as a powerful indoor guidance system. Using the signals from the beacon network, as well as the digital map of the premises, customers can easily find their way around the store.

The mobile app can provide your customers with directions leading to specific departments, or particular places such as the cash desks, elevators, toilets, stairs, fitting rooms, etc. The indoor guidance system can also be used in combination with proximity marketing. Then, the customer is navigated through the store to a section where they will find the product they were looking for. 

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