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Here's what you should know about Accounts Receivable Automation

Not only do automated Accounts Receivable solutions bring improvement to the customer experience, but they also speed up collections with an increase in Days Sales Outstanding (DSO). Every e-invoice can be processed and approved automatically, meaning manual interaction is near-zero. Your customers can process the invoices they receive and send them for payment within the next 3 to 5 days (instead of 18-25 days, as in the case of paper or PDF invoices).

Comarch e-Invoicing was designed to automatically import data from your ERP system, convert every invoice you send to formats chosen by the recipients, and distribute those via multiple channels (all adjusted to the technical maturity of the clients).

Providing a complete set of advanced and practical features, Comarch e-Invoicing guarantees a higher client connection rate and improved cash flow.    


Multi-ERP Integration

For companies operating globally, one of the main challenges is dealing with the number of different ERP systems or versions. In such a scenario, Comarch Multi-ERP Integration ensures data integrity and eliminates data entry duplication, improving business efficiency at the same time.

Invoice Format Translation
The system enables you to translate a document created in your ERP format into those required by your clients. Our platform supports multiple formats (e.g., XML, UBL, X12, EDIFACT, IDOC, VDA, PDF), and helps create document specifications. Also, thanks to the routing functionality, Comarch e-Invoicing allows you to send dozens of documents to multiple entities at the same time.
Apart from our e-Invoicing solution, Comarch provides a cloud-based EDI platform that enables the exchange of various types of messages. Thus, we recommend combining the AR invoicing process with Order Management, Fulfillment, Delivery, and Payment processes. Bottlenecks in one area can cause headaches for departments that run their operations separately.
Various Channels of Distribution
Comarch e-Invoicing enables the distribution of invoices that are already translated into the right format via various channels. For some, it can be e-mail, whilst for others, we provide the Clients Portal and many different integration capabilities via various protocols. The details for the Clients Portal are presented below.
Clients Portal Adjusted to Your Needs
o  Self-care onboarding portal – Your clients define their company structure, confirm or update their master data, confirm the content of the e-invoicing agreement and determine how they want to exchange invoices (EDI, e-mail, portal) all by themselves.

o   Delivery confirmations – Using the portal, you will receive confirmations of invoice delivery; thus, you will be able to limit requests concerning lost invoices.

o   Documents box – An intuitive search engine for specific documents (with readable previews).

o   Payments reminders – Based on contracts (or order specifics and credit terms), our solution can automatically send reminders following the pre-set times, that is, before they are overdue.

o   Claim management - Tailored to your business processes standard form exchange in the context of a specific document with approval workflow and appropriate exchange of notifications.

o  Tracking and KPI reporting tool (with alert notifications) for monitoring the data and reacting quickly to business events.
Global Legal Compliance

Companies that operate globally need to support and process various e-invoicing standards to achieve their goals. In fact, electronic invoicing and VAT compliance are some of the most challenging processes that today's companies must deal with.

Comarch e-Invoicing provides the right support for the current and upcoming legal regulations. Not only does it ensure the integrity, authenticity of origin, and legibility of the content, it also guarantees that your sensitive data will be secure, archived for the period of time determined by regulations (data retention policy).

Thanks to the integration with Pan-European Public Procurement Online (PEPPOL) and local B2G platforms (such as Chorus Pro in France, SDI in Italy, ZRE, and OZG in Germany), our solution guarantees full legal compliance in more than 60 countries around the world.

Join the companies who are already using Comarch e-Invoicing!

“Prior to the implementation of the Comarch solution, a lot of time and manual effort was put into document registration and processing. Now we are equipped with a comprehensive solution which allows us to process our documents with promptness and remarkable flexibility. As a technological company, we appreciate real IT professionals. Comarch is certainly one to recommend.”

„By choosing Comarch, we have limited costs, gained flexibility and operational efficiency. Our cooperation is based on smooth and transparent communication between both teams – Comarch’s and ours, and on their full availability. In the future, we are planning to make the cooperation more active.”

“We chose Comarch first of all for the flexibility that we observed during our exchanges and the proximity: a direct point of contact, an open and honest relationship, a desire to consolidate the relationship in order to extend functional coverage rather than to charge a high price for the slightest change.”

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