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Attract large business customers with personalized treatment and complete transparency

Enterprise customers are the center of interest for every CSP. Their impact on annual profit is as significant as their demand for special treatment. According to research, the enterprise market will reach $237 billion by 2025. It’s a force to be reckoned with. 

For most large enterprises, deploying and managing a communication and collaboration platform is not a core activity - they rather expect their CSP to provide them with efficient tools to achieve the expected results.

Comarch delivers BSS products for managing relations with enterprises, covering all aspects of telecom services - from simple ones such as mobile and fixed voice, and data, up to complex services such as VPN, Data Center or Cloud. Enterprise customers can seamlessly self-manage even the most complex hierarchies representing their organization structure, access detailed reporting in context, and set up real-time control or split-bill policies over service usage. And that’s just the beginning.

Our solutions are proven among Tier 1 service providers such as KPN. Learn how they can help your business.

Digitize Enterprise Customer Experience - telecommunications

Start gaining real benefits with Comarch BSS solutions

  • Multi-level self-management for enterprise customers
  • Support for complex hierarchies and multiple roles, enabling split billing and real-time cost control of subscriptions
  • Advanced reporting for complete transparency 

  • Simplified multi-tenant quotes and orders
  • Digital-ready tools for managing subscription base, orders, cases, and financial information
  • Support for frame agreements, enabling the creation of personalized offers 

Find out how we helped KPN automate BSS Processes in the Business Customer Segment

Streamlining KPN’s Customer Experience with Comarch BSS

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