Omnichannel Digital Customer Engagement

Understand your customers’ needs and create more engaging experiences

According to research, as many as 90% of consumers want an omnichannel experience with seamless service between communication methods. Is your business ready to meet these demands?

The digital shake-up of the telecommunication market and the proliferation of omnichannel creates space for more demanding customers, who expect instant online availability of personal, financial and usage data through all channels. Comarch BSS portfolio allows you to achieve the high quality of experience your customers crave.

Our solutions improve customers’ digital experience by providing readable and easily digestible visual cues, giving a clear view of current bundle consumption, data usage, balances and limits. It is also the source of data for multidimensional reporting, 360-degree customer views, analytical actions, recommendations and personalization engines – all of which greatly impact the entirety of the customer journey. Introduce, recommend, sell and maintain traditional and digital products with speed and simplicity. 

Discover our BSS portfolio and join companies such as Orange Luxemburg, who use our solutions to enhance their customer experience and engagement.

Digital Customer Engagement

Make your business goals a reality with Comarch BSS

  • Manage catalog services in a few simple steps
  • Improve responsiveness and add a pro-active approach with accurate data supplied in time
  • Increase customer engagement by enabling self-service and digital sales
  • Reduce customer support costs and improve SLA metrics by self-services
  • Boost sales volume through mobile and website digital channels
  • Introduce a help engine including chat, chatbots, call center, and spectator mode.
  • Create highly customized guided customer journeys through omnichannel process management
  • Increase sales and customer support efficiency with built-in processes

Find out how we helped Orange Luxembourg improve billing and customer management processes

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