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Comarch Telecom Network Configuration Management: A Tool for Automating Network Provisioning

Comarch Network Configuration Management enables service providers to automate network provisioning for all network domains and handle change management. The system manages configuration in a manner that goes beyond the traditional radio access network (RAN) approach, implementing network provisioning in the transmission, core and access domains too.

Comarch Network Configuration Management software is fully integrated with Inventory Planning & Design, which allows the planning and configuration loop to be closed and automates the complete end to end fulfillment process. Thanks to the built-in reconciliation capability, Comarch's product for telecom network configuration management allows live network provisioning based on information that is accurate, complete and up to date. This information itself is delivered in real time, based on data derived directly from the operating network – thus allowing focused network provisioning that keeps pace with network changes and demands.

The CM role has been shifted, as it is an important product for the fulfillment of zero-touch network and& service management. This means support for the full lifecycle of network devices and network functions. In particular, the product helps to automate the on-boarding process. Thus, when new devices and network functions (both VNFs and PNFs) are introduced, the appropriate models and APIs are registered in the resource catalog. The onboarded models and APIs are then used to automate the configuration process which is required to connect the on-boarded elements.

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The Main Modules of Comarch Network Configuration Management system:

Comarch Network Configuration Management software is a telecom network management system fully integrated with the Network Auto-discovery & Reconciliation module, which automatically retrieves the current status of the network. Thanks to built-in mechanisms allowing auto-acceptance of plans, the live view in Network Inventory Management is updated daily as the entry point for efficient and flawless planning and configuration management.

The product can be implemented as part of a broader solution for network planning and upgrading – Comarch Network Planning & Design.

  • Consistency checks
    This functionality has a built-in set of vendor and technology specific validation rules. It is also possible to specify customer specific business rules.
  • Automated load files generation
    This functionality generates load files in vendor- specific syntax. These can then be applied to the network automatically with standard 3GPP interfaces.

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Benefits of implementing a telecommunications network configuration managing system - Comarch Network Configuration Management:

One multi-vendor and multi-domain configuration platform

Enables the configuration of a multi-vendor, multi-domain network to be managed, thanks to integration with Comarch OSS Mediation. Supports both mobile and fixed network configuration management in one system, enabling efficient fixed mobile convergence and eliminating technological silos in the architecture.

Simplification of the provisioning process for telecom network management

Hides the complexity of NE vendor-specific network configuration management, leveraging pre-integration with Comarch Network Inventory Management. Automates translation of high-level network planning to vendor-specific reconfiguration, thus shortening end to end planning in the network configuration management process.

Enhanced customer experience

When pre-integrated with Comarch Network Planning & Design, it implements the closed-loop process (plan, upgrade, verify, re-plan), shortening the time needed to provide good customer experience for network-based services.

Shorter time to market

Flexible network modeling mechanism and configuration templates assure extendibility for future network technologies.

Configuration management – integrated with SDN

Comarch OSS network change management software supports configuration of a standard IP network and integration with SDN controller in one system. It allows to maintain the current IP network and extend the system with SDN features. Integration with SDN controllers can also maintain the real-time inventory using Comarch Discovery and Reconciliation module.

Reduced costs

Thanks to a future-proof system, architecture and integration within Comarch OSS, this is a further module in the umbrella OSS concept, which leads to cost reductions due to the decommissioning of several legacy systems and their migration into one OSS.

Comarch Network Configuration Management Key Features:

  • The CM module can configure network elements using various techniques
    The CM module utilizes many technologies to implement changes to network elements. It can communicate with them directly via command line interface, SNMP or NETCONF. It can also utilize the northbound interface to various vendor-specific network management systems using CORBA, MTOSI, WebService or RESTCONF.
  • The CM module can configure multiple technologies
    The Comarch CM module supports multiple telecommunication technologies, such as IP, MPLS, DWDM, SDH and 2G/3G/4G radio networks. All devices in the network can be configured from a single point – the Comarch OSS console.
  • Change control mechanism
    The Comarch CM module records and stores all changes. This allows effective troubleshooting and the rapid implementation of rollback plans.
    Each change introduced to the network is recorded, with all configuration details available on demand. The changes can be saved as templates for future actions.
  • The CM allows simultaneous configuration of multiple elements
    Multiple network elements can be configured at the same time with very limited effort. This allows the rapid introduction of global changes to the network, such as those in the default setting, and swift activation of new features.

See Comarch Telecom Network Configuration Management Product in Use. Read Customer References:

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450connect (Germany)

Providing a customized BSS/OSS system to the company, with exclusive assignment of the 450MHz spectrum in Germany.

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LG U+ (South Korea)

Support in launch of the world’s first 5G network with the help of Comarch products from the Operations Support Systems and Intelligent Assurance & Analytics range

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MWingz (Belgium)

Assisting MWingz to become Belgium’s first shared network by providing an operating and managing system in the SaaS model.

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