Network Planning & Design

Network Planning & Design: A Tool for Planning and Optimization of the Telecommunications Network

In today’s hybrid world of physical and virtual resources, planning and design demand expertise and time investment. A full understanding of the designed service is required, from its decomposition down to the required logical and physical resources needed to meet capacity forecast and network bottlenecks requirements. 

Comarch Network Planning and Design, thanks to innovative architecture and years of technological expertise, addresses the needs of the telecom industry. It enables the preparation of a balanced network strategy and ensures that customers are happy with your services. The Network Planning and Optimization enables CSPs to manage telecom network planning, design and optimization processes comprehensively and efficiently. Process-orchestrated planning is a future-proof way of making network investments, where the business value of the investment becomes ever more important in response to developing telecom opportunities. For the purpose of meeting industry the best standards, Comarch offers a solution including its own OSS software and integration with domain expertise for top class applications available on the market.

The Network Planning & Design Integration:

Comarch system is easy and ready to integrate within Comarch OSS. It consist of the following elements:

  • Business Process Management, which steers the network fulfillment processes
  • Planning Framework, which provides a comprehensive set of functionalities such as network, live, integration and strategic views of the network, a validation engine allowing technological, business and customer-related rules to be defined, and technological wizards for planning RAN, transmission, SDN layers, core, access and IT networks.
  • Resource Inventory, which stores and maintains all data mandatory for end to end network planning and design, including logical functions and virtualization, as well as NFV and SDN-related integrations.
  • Configuration Management and Reconciliation, which closes the planning loop, automatically provisions plans in the network, carries out the reconciliation process and verifies the network view afterwards.

Network optimization in telecom is the end to end handling of strategic, rollout, engineering, operations and administrative proceedings hard-wired into a single OSS platform provides unprecedented and comprehensive visibility of all business processes.

Network capacity planning and design is powered by the partnership with E-lighthouse Network Solutions. Its leading product, E-lighthouse Network Planner, enables a unified and vendor-agnostic multilayer dimensioning of both the IP/MPLS and transport network, for optimizing the network resources, forecasting network requisites, and cutting down investment costs in the strategic plans.

How to Make the Dreams of 5G Networks a Reality thanks to Comarch E2E Orchestrator

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Benefits of implementing Comarch Network Planning & Design:

Become more agile thanks to the process-driven inventory

Implement business process management and automated distribution of tasks according to process flows, technological, business and customer-related rules and responsibility matrix, to become more agile and responsive. Apply lead times and predict the fulfillment of business processes.

Implement umbrella OSS to stay ahead of your competitors

Comarch OSS fulfills the role of an umbrella OSS for new virtualized and legacy architectures. Thanks to its innovative and future-proof architecture, Comarch OSS is integrated with NFV/SDN framework for inventory, planning, configuration and assurance.

Enjoy an end to end network view

Plan and design the network efficiently, thanks to the accurate and detailed network view with the service on the top, provided by logical, virtual and physical resources in one glance. All the layers are verified and confirmed by network reconciliation mechanisms. The Comarch framework allows you to visualize and plan the network from different perspectives, strategically in the long term, and integrationally in the short term.

Innovate your telecommunications network design as an evolution rather than revolution

Comarch OSS supports NFV and SDN technologies in the way that incorporates functions in normal daily operational processes. The legacy architecture will not just disappear, so must be able to operate alongside the new virtual elements. Thanks to SID modeling, Comarch hides the complexity of modeling and relations between virtual and physical worlds and provides technology and operation engineers with the complete toolkit that they need.

Stay integrated with assurance domain

Synchronize data and alarms with SQM/CEM systems to enable SON integration, and easily implement quality-driven triggering of optimization processes.

Lower your OPEX

Integrate industry standard tools into one ecosystem featuring automated synchronization mechanisms to realize OPEX savings.

Lower your CAPEX

Improve the coordination of co-dependent network-related processes for CAPEX optimization to lower all CAPEX costs.

Decrease time to market smoothly

Monitor the efficiency of network engineering teams using unified project procedures and configurable reports, and reduce time to market.

See Comarch Network Planning & Design Product in Use. Read Customer References:

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LG U+ (South Korea)

Support in launch of the world’s first 5G network with the help of Comarch products from the Operations Support Systems and Intelligent Assurance & Analytics range

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MWingz (Belgium)

Assisting MWingz to become Belgium’s first shared network by providing an operating and managing system in the SaaS model.

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