Real-time OSS – SDN/NFV Orchestration

Real-time OSS – SDN/NFV Orchestration: OSS System for SDN/NFV Network Orchestration in Telecoms

If providing innovative services and a seamless digital experience give your company its competitive edge, don’t let rising operational costs or network limitations impede your ability to shine among CSPs and OTT players.

After years of extensive proofs of concepts in the area of SDN/NFV in relation to telecommunication networks, now is the time to address real needs and benefits arising from software-defined networking (SDN) and network function virtualization (NFV).

Adoption of engineering processes to support domain controllers allows further automation of fulfillment and assurance processes, and thus significant cost reductions for operations.

The ability to manage and orchestrate virtual and physical network functions in one system reduces the complexity of adopting new technology and enables support for innovative telecom service offers for customers.

The Comarch OSS Products & Solutions provides a consistent platform that can be used for the provisioning and management of services over VNFs, PNFs and SDN-controlled telecom networks. Acting as “controller of controllers” Comarch real-time OSS provides comprehensive end to end orchestration of complex multi-domain topologies.

Press Release: Comarch OSS Implementation in LG U+:

Press Release LG OSS

The key driver in the process was the preparation for a massive deployment of the Korean communication service provider’s 5G network. The main goals of LG U+ were to optimize internal company processes and improve the overall end-user experience...

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The Use Of AI and ML for Automated Cross Vendor VNF Self Healing and Auto Scaling

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Benefits of implementing a system for SDN/NFV network orchestration - Comarch Real-time OSS - SDN/NFV Orchestration:

Introduce Closed-loop Hybrid Network Management

Choose a single tool for the management and orchestration of your virtual and physical network functions to facilitate the adoption of new technologies so you can innovate in service creation. The support provided by Comarch OSS for both PNFs and VNFs serves as the foundation of network slicing.

Perform service assurance for hybrid networks

Fault Management, Performance Management and Service Quality Management modules monitor both virtual and physical network functions, triggering VNF healing and scaling to optimize the customer experience at peak network traffic hours.

Stay compliant with industry standards

The system architecture is based on the TM Forum SID model (CFS-RFS-R). VNF onboarding is realized through ETSI-compliant descriptors.

Automate fulfillment and assurance processes

Utilize framework integration between service and resource inventory to move towards zero-touch assurance.

Enjoy a vast array of possible integrations

Comarch OSS products are integrated with OpenStack and Open Source SDN controllers, as well as with vendor-specific domain controllers.

Streamline service management with a single tool

Benefit from the perfect tool for service decomposition, freestyle combining and orchestration, dynamic service chaining and service lifecycle management.

Gradually evolve towards virtualized networks (NFV)

Comarch’s model-driven resource management portfolio features integrated support for virtual and physical network functions, thus allowing step-by-step evolution towards NFV.

Easily reconfigure your network

Thanks to the Configuration Management functionality, you can easily configure all network elements, regardless of their vendor, technology or device type, in a model-driven way.

The Successful Rollout of 5G Base Stations with Comarch OSS

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SDN/NFV Support in Comarch OSS

Comarch OSS provides Closed-loop Management for Hybrid Networks

Next Generation Service Orchestration

A catalog-driven orchestration platform that enables simplified yet powerful end to end service delivery to customers, over the virtualized and non-virtualized parts of the network.

  • Based on the TM Forum SID model (CFS-RFS-R)
  • Supports service decomposition, free-style combining and orchestration
  • ETSI NFVO extended with support for PNFs, multi-domain orchestration and manual tasks
  • Support for dynamic service chaining and service lifecycle management

Integrated VNF and PNF Management

Comarch offers a model-driven resource management portfolio with integrated support for VNFs and PNFs, allowing gradual evolution towards NFV.

  • Single integrated resource catalog and inventory that can manage VNFs, PNFs and NFVI resources or delegate parts of the model to a lower level system
  • Framework integration between service and resource inventory enables automation fulfillment and assurance processes
  • Generic VNF manager implementation for handling VNF lifecycle, including VNF scaling and healing. Ability to integrate with vendor-specific VNF managers
  • VNF onboarding through ETSI-compliant descriptors. VNF customization through Comarch Console GUI
  • OpenStack integration


Consistent SDN and legacy network management, thanks to a flexible design framework which enables rapid process adaptation and handover of functions to the SDN Controller. 

  • Deep integration of OSS components with Open Source SDN controllers. Integrations with vendor-specific domain controllers. Support for OpenFlow and SDN in IP/MPLS networks (PCEP, BGP-LS and segment routing)
  • SDN technology acts as a “controller of controllers” enabling end to end service orchestration and management
  • Comarch Configuration Management module for vendor-agnostic, model-driven network reconfiguration supporting a wide range of network technologies and devices
  • Simultaneous support for PNFs and VNFs in a single system (Comarch OSS) provides the foundation for network slicing

Fault, Performance and Service Quality Management for SDN/NFV

Next Generation Service Assurance monitors the impact of physical hardware failures on VMs, VNFs and, ultimately, the customer, and automates the process of resolving problems.

  • Fault and KPI monitoring for OpenStack and OpenDaylight. Correlation of VNF and NFVI resource alarms and KPIs.
  • Comarch Fault, Performance and Service Quality Management monitor virtualized and non-virtualized network functions, triggering VNF healing and scaling to provide the best possible customer experience at peak load times
  • Tight integration with domain controllers, real-time event handling and reaction, and correlation of domain related alarms into service oriented management

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