Fixed Access Network Management

Comarch OSS Fixed Access Network Management: An E2E Logical Network Inventory for the Fixed Access Domain

Comarch OSS Fixed Access product acts as a comprehensive  end-to-end Logical Network Inventory for the fixed access domain, and delivers automatic reservation and activation of resources for services requested in the resource order. Based on industry standards, TMF recommendation and best practices, Comarch Fixed Access delivers a standard data model based on the TMF Shared Information Data model (SID) and unified REST API (established on TMF Open API and openness of microservice architecture of Comarch OSS).
Our OSS Fixed Access Network Management supports logical topologies, configuration and connectivity standards over fiber, copper, coaxial access networks and nodes. Integrated with the GIS service, it manages the range of the access network in specified regions, address points and plots. It delivers complete technical specification of capacity and connectivity of the distribution and installation, based on real-time access to resources of Central Office and Access Nodes and capacity of Service Platforms and Core Transmission Network.
Comarch OSS Fixed Access supports access network management for individual customers’ typical applications of triple play or quad play (B2C) services, more complex business and enterprise services (B2B) based on multi-technology and multisite access, many access and aggregation nodes, comprehensive operator and wholesale (B2O) services and future 5G elements, such as management of fixed access slices and fixed networks virtualized function.

Comarch OSS Solution for Fixed Access Network Management

The Successful Rollout of 5G Base Stations with Comarch OSS

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Benefits of Comarch OSS Fixed Access Network Management product:

Stay ahead of your competitors with quality Information in runtime  

Fixed Access grants a unified view of logical topology and services created on top of the infrastructure layer exposed by Physical Network Inventories. It presents a standardized topology service for the Assurance domain and Resource Ordering. It exposes active and actionable Inventory based on information reconciled from Network and online integration with Network Planning and Design. It grants an E2E visualization of access network topology, capacity and geospatial data for logical and physical network elements, which reduces the time of impact analysis for planned works or failure/breakdown recovery. 

Expand your network capabilities with Parties and 5G Multi-Access Networks

Comarch OSS Fixed Access provides model-driven automation of design and assign, provisioning and change processes. It’s flexible data model of Logical Access Network supports all current and legacy technologies, and is ready for new technologies such as 5G Access and Fixed Network Slicing. Its Unified Resource Management API REST is based on TMF Open API and industry standards.

Standardize processes and optimize usage of assets in dynamically-managed access network with Zero-touch Management 

The service ensures unified management of multi-technology access network capacity and coverage, provides support for mass optimization and expansion of processes such as move/change/swap devices, services and connected customers without a negative impact on customer experience. Your OPEX can be moved from human resources to new technologies, generating added value.

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On the Road to Zero-touch End to end Network Design and Optimization

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Case Study: Mobile Network Resource Management & Planning

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