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Comarch Telecom Transport & SDN: An Out-Of-The-Box Product Dedicated to Telecom Transport Management

Comarch OSS Transport & SDN supports variety of transport network technologies such as ethernet, IP, MPLS, xWDM, microwave, SDH and PDH, along with the newest technologies used in the SDN domains and data centers. Transport Network Inventory offers recording of physical devices and logical network elements, including virtual network functions. Reliable Transport Network Inventory is a key factor for accurate investment decisions, network planning and optimization processes, and underpins daily network monitoring tasks. When used with Virtualization Inventory, it is fully capable of documenting virtual and hybrid networks. With connectivity data store and visualization, Comarch Transport & SDN product is a comprehensive tool delivering multi-technology and multi-layer visibility of the network in one place. For network engineers, it is an essential toolkit as they carry out their daily planning and engineering tasks. 

  • Thanks to Resource Catalog integration, the product guarantees easy onboarding of niche and emerging technologies. Combined with the Network Auto-discovery and Reconciliation module for traditional network management systems, individual network elements and transport SDN-C managed network domains can provide a network-driven inventory and minimize the overall effort of maintaining an up to date inventory. 
  • Integration with Network Planning Process Management and Resource Order Management provides the opportunity to exploit all inventory data in an efficient and tailored manner, while helping to ensure up to date data all the time. 
  • When used with Comarch OSS Configuration Management, intended changes can be configured instantly in the transport network, and the current network state will be reflected in the inventory.
  • In combination with Comarch Service & Resource Orchestration, Comarch Telecom Transport & SDN becomes a powerful tool for process orchestration and network automation. This facilitates orchestration across the entire service lifecycle with end to end automation during network planning and upgrading, across the customer order fulfillment process, and in the assurance domain (including self-healing and auto-scaling).

The Successful Rollout of 5G Base Stations with Comarch OSS

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Benefits of Comarch Telecom OSS Transport & SDN

Reduce the complexity of your transport network inventory

Comarch OSS provides a comprehensive multi-technology transport network inventory system. Using a single tool for all your transport technologies and domains, you can easily reduce the complexity of your telecom transport management.

Gain SDN and DC support

Our product supports the newest technologies used in the SDN domains and data centers. Integration with SDN controllers offered by various vendors allows inventory and configuration of devices and services within SDN-C networks.

Leverage network planning processes and wizards

The Comarch Telecom Transport & SDN product contains a number of dedicated technology wizards, which help engineers plan their networks in a convenient manner. The product is integrated with network planning process management, which enables users to see the daily planning and engineering activities in the process perspective and keep track of changes.

Reduce network operating cost

Up to date transport network inventory is crucial for many business processes and departments, including NOCs, engineering and planning departments, procurement and business partners. A consistent view of the transport network allows efficient resource utilization and cost-effective business processes, and ensures sound investment decisions.

Manage all network layers in one place

Natively supporting multi-layer transport networks, Comarch OSS Transport & SDN delivers a handy way of managing complex transport networks. Make use of one consistent inventory system and manage dependencies between network layers and domains in one place.

Handle data in a vendor-independent model

Comarch OSS Transport & SDN is based on a vendor-agnostic data model. This means that NEs, connections and configurations are presented and managed in a universal, vendor-independent way that helps to avoid vendor lock-in for telecom transport management.

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LG U+ (South Korea)

Support in launch of the world’s first 5G network with the help of Comarch products from the Operations Support Systems and Intelligent Assurance & Analytics range

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Telefónica O2 Deutschland

Better control of network operations with transport network management & configuration, fault and performance mediation

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