Service & Resource Orchestration

Service & Resource Orchestration Software Product: The Key to OSS Automation

Comarch Service & Resource Orchestration aims to help CSPs to introduce increased automation of service and network management, thus shifting traditional service orchestration OSS solutions towards zero-touch network and service management. Model-driven end to end service orchestration software aims to automate not just the fulfillment area, but all processes related to the complete service and resource lifecycle, which in other words means E2E service orchestration.

Comarch E2E orchestration performs:

  • Orchestration during the process of network planning and upgrading, to prepare the network and support customer services by delivering the expected QoS
  • Orchestration during the customer order fulfillment process
  • Orchestration during the assurance process, including self-healing and auto-scaling

Crucial to automated orchestration as a service solution is the design phase, which should decompose the intent into lower-level concepts, modeling the components based on which end to end service orchestration is to be done fully automatically. Although the design phase can still involve human tasks, the employment of analytics and AI algorithms which help to automate it is targeted by this system. Unlike the design phase, the actual E2E orchestration execution phase is meant to be predominantly automatic, especially for virtualized domains, leaving room for legacy domain network service orchestration solutions where human intervention can be limited to non-standard activities.

In respect of virtualized domains, the product enables consistency between NFV MANOs and SDN controllers. In particular, thanks to service and resource visibility, Comarch Service & Resource Orchestration can assure end to end orchestration of a domain-specific orchestrator, assuring that each of the domains provides sub-services needed to deliver customer service.

Technically, Comarch Service & Resource Orchestration software is based on SFO with pre-integration with Comarch Resource Management.

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Benefits of implementing the product orchestration of resources and telecommunications services - Comarch Service & Resource Orchestration:

Shortening the time from idea to execution

Orchestration is about reducing the time from design to execution via automation. This concept covers service fulfilment and network rollout and upgrade processes, with orchestrated assurance processes.

Customer service-driven network operations

Thanks to consistent service and resource orchestration, software and aligning network resources with the services which they support, network operation can be transformed from network-focused to customer-centric.

Smooth transition from traditional operation to automated orchestration

Thanks to distinguishing between the design phase (which may still involve human input) and the execution phase, Comarch Service & Resource Orchestration offers smooth transformation towards automated orchestration in which the role of humans is shifted to defining “what” instead of “how” something should be done.

Avoiding silos between NFV MANO and SDN controller orchestration

ETSI MANO seems VNF-centric because it treats virtual links as only gluing elements. But VNF and SDN controller orchestration must be coordinated to provide intelligent customer services. In particular, when VNFs may by dynamically re-allocated between MANO NFVI PoPs (for example between edge and core), coordinated orchestration of SDN controllers is crucial.

Assuring customer experience via automated orchestration during self-healing and autoscaling

To ensure the customer gets the expected experience, the level of automation which reacts promptly and even pro-actively must be much higher than in traditional networks. At the same time, the self-healing and auto-scaling routines must be orchestrated so the end to end view of the service is taken into account. 

Holistic approach with an architecture based on microservices (modular approach)

Comarch Service and Resource Orchestration is a comprehensive platform which facilitates a holistic view of the network. It is also a modular solution built from pre-integrated Comarch modules designed to integrate with microservices provided by third-party vendors.

End to end multi-domain orchestration assurance

To deliver and manage customer services you must orchestrate many domain-specific controllers and management systems in such a way that all domains contribute to a solution which provides value to the customer.

Automation across virtualized and legacy networks from the cloud

The system enables orchestration across a hybrid network, delegating orders to legacy and virtualized network domains. Each product can be installed in the cloud.

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