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Comarch Telecom Infrastructure Management: Full Control of Assets During Their Whole Lifecycle

For over a quarter of a century, new versions of Comarch Network Inventory Management systems have been supporting telecoms through technological transformations.

Today, its mission is to support telecommunication service providers in:

  • Deployment of cost optimization plans and maximizing profits from infrastructure investment through automation of processes from planning to rollout and provisioning  
  • Delivery of tools supporting expansion towards 5G in all telecom domains, including core, transmission, radio and fixed access
  • Transformation of consumer communication providers and carriers towards fully digital telecoms managing networks of physical and virtual resources in runtime 

Telecommunications Infrastructure Management delivers single point of truth over convergent networks and multi-vendor passive and active elements of transmission (IP/MPLS, WDM, SDH, SONET and more), RAN (2G/3G/4G/5G), fixed access (xPON/Copper/HFC), satellite links, mobile backhaul, mobile and fixed core. Support for virtual and hybrid networks enables runtime infrastructure service for hosting of virtual functions and services in vEPC and 5G network slices.

Press Release: Comarch OSS Implementation in LG U+:

The key driver in the process was the preparation for a massive deployment of the Korean communication service provider’s 5G network. The main goals of LG U+ were to optimize internal company processes and improve the overall end-user experience...

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The Successful Rollout of 5G Base Stations with Comarch OSS

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Key services of Comarch Telecommunications Infrastructure Management:

  • Physical devices and inventory   

With its open central resource catalog based on TMF Frameworx and a library containing more than19 000 device models and network components, Comarch Telecommunications Infrastructure Management delivers central Infrastructure and network capacity management service for NG OSS solutions. It also provides specialized creators, resource templates, inventory and hierarchy views and standardized physical resource management REST API for all components of Comarch OSS. 

  • Physical connections and topology  

Delivers toolsets supporting multi-segment cabling and patching for racked infrastructure, distribution frames and multi-chassis devices. Manages cross connections in complex devices as well as complete RAN and MW rigging. Validates connectivity with graph topology calculation service for signal loss calculation, power and cooling budgets and more. Provides automation of patching and terminations with built-in autocompletion and route-finder for operators (B2B/O) and carriers’ services.

  • Sites and locations  

Manages inventory of buildings and other locations with their plans and structures using space management with active floor plan and power and cooling management, rack management with active equipment view. Unifies address management with configurable address schemas and geocoding.  Supports planning and keeps control of every transmission and access network node, RAN site or point of presence. Secures critical infrastructure with advanced access control. It also supports technicians working on-site by minimizing the risk of errors and providing warnings about potential hazards such as radiation or high voltage.

  • Geospatial inventory and network planning and design    

In Comarch Infrastructure Management, all data and operations are available on the map in runtime, requiring no additional database, costly GIS frameworks, integration or data model maintenance. Built in GIS service based on the open layer library supports visualization of Locations, engineering infrastructure and connectivity in physical Infrastructure layers and logical network and service trail layers, and provides integration with third-party geoportal services via the open geospatial interface.

On the Road to Zero-touch End to end Network Design and Optimization

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Benefits of Comarch Telecommunications Infrastructure Management:

Gain full control, in runtime, of how your assets work for you during their whole lifecycle   

Comarch  Infrastructure Management controls all your technical assets in order to maximize benefits from your investment in networks. In other words – it helps you monetize. Data about network runtime, its capacity, utilization and planned actions can be shared in real time between network engineers and planers, technicians and analysts, providing them with information about the network’s current state in the most contextual and intuitive way, for example by using inventory or network views,  GIS view, hierarchy views, floorplans, rack views, and so on.

Improve customer experience

Thanks to end to end visibility of multi-vendor, multi-technology and multi-party network elements, telecom network Infrastructure Management secures continuity of operations and stability of overall customer experience, and enables  comprehensive topology service delivered with complete visualization of objects, connectivity, geospatial data and information from digitally managed ecosystems.

Open up for new business opportunities and digital ecosystems

Comarch Infrastructure Management expands capabilities and coverage of your network by controlling accurate usage of bandwidth, leased lines and devices as well as providing infrastructure services, which, shared with your partners via automated APIs, can enable new opportunities for your digitally managed business.

Gain unlimited access to your network assets and capabilities

Comarch Infrastructure Management operates in 24/7 runtime with your network microservice architecture and standard REST API, which means that information about your network is accessible  all the time from any place within your digital ecosystem. This allows a much quicker rollout of new services.

Automate and optimize operations

Automation and templating processes and operations in resource management domains such as planning and rollout, device swapping, moving and changing, and managing bulk and mass operations optimizes usage of human resources and standardizes digitally managed processes in your organization.

Provide highest security and operational continuity standards

Protects your access to your digitally managed networks services and access to critical infrastructure by implementing the highest security standards in inventory data access and modifications on GUI, API and BPM level. Integrates all data needed for securing continuity of business operation, for example, relations between devices, connection topology, power supplying, change management and outage management.   

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Integration with other OSS modules:

Comarch Infrastructure Management acts as a single inventory and physical connectivity service for all components of Comarch OSS and for third-party services and systems in operators’ ecosystems.  

To achieve the active and runtime paradigm, Inventory Management is pre-integrated with the  Auto-discovery & Reconciliation service, which enables effective network management by providing a comprehensive and up to date insight into the multi-vendor and multi-domain network, and Field System Management for manual insights such as site surveys and site inspections.

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