Mobile & Fixed Core Inventory

Mobile & Fixed Core Inventory – A Vendor-independent Inventory of Mobile and Fixed Core Network

Mobile and Fixed Core Inventory is a vendor-independent and detailed inventory of mobile and fixed core network, including physical network elements and logical network functions. It provides packet switching and circuit switching of core inventory, from legacy PSTN/2G/3G to evolved Packet core and network virtualization support for virtual EPC and 5G core networks. Comarch MFC product covers all aspects of core device configuration, including:

  • Signalling inventory (e.g. SS7, Diameter)
  • Network map with signalling trails prepared by predefined wizards
  • Semiautomatic tools for configuration of MFC elements, based on Resource Specifications and Configuration Management Templates

The integrated Network Auto-discovery and Reconciliation product can provide a network-driven inventory that minimizes the overall effort of maintaining an up to date inventory – the real enabler for advanced and effective assurance.

Press Release: Comarch OSS Implementation in LG U+:

The key driver in the process was the preparation for a massive deployment of the Korean communication service provider’s 5G network. The main goals of LG U+ were to optimize internal company processes and improve the overall end-user experience...

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The Successful Rollout of 5G Base Stations with Comarch OSS

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Benefits of Comarch Mobile and Fixed Core product:

Reduce the complexity of your MFC network inventory

Comarch OSS provides a comprehensive, multi-technology set of tools for gathering, visualizing and checking the configuration of multi-vendor mobile and fixed core network elements.

Use signalling architecture visual verification

Users of Comarch Network Inventory Management are able to view MFC signalling trails created by wizards, and see different types of signalling objects placed on the maps – for example, SG, DRA and STP.

Enable Network planning processes and wizards

The product covers inventory issues for legacy equipment and the latest virtualized solutions. It provides support in network management even in complex cases such as swapping network functions for newer technology or introducing greenfield MFC investment.

Lower the cost of managing MFC network

Mobile and fixed core network offers a reliable service for almost all everyday reconfigurations. Automating processes of detecting operational changes gives the operator the best opportunity to detect errors in configurations of core elements, thus saving time.

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On the Road to Zero-touch End to end Network Design and Optimization

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