Retail and Wholesale Management

Discover benefits of the Smart BSS product: Retail and Wholesale Management

Grow your sales network

Extend your brand by offering wholesale options for retailers in B2B2C and B2B2B models

Manage all retail and wholesale customers via one system

Invoicing, CRM, reports, notifications and many more for retailers and end-customers in a single system with the possibility to alter branding.

Ensure data security and privacy

Use the roles and privileges to limit wholesalers' access to only their own end-customers.

Retail and Wholesale management – Smart BSS solution for managing retail and wholesale settlements

Comarch SBSS CRM allows you to manage wholesale clients and expand your sales network to new markets and targets. The business-focused approach facilitates the set-up of the provisioning system in either SaaS or cloud-based formats or on premise installation. It ties the B2B solution to product flow and operational strategy by allowing users to sell to and invoice retailers directly. The high level of automation and multiple integrations streamline cooperation between the sides and help to share the revenue. Simultaneously, the system provides retailers with online stores, critical business applications, and customer management functionality to facilitate and promote their growth by limiting retailers' operational costs. Smart BSS helps you and your retailers grow together

The implementation of our wholesale solution allows you to effectively prevent most of the issues that may affect retail. It ensures a higher level of customer service and prevents end-users' dissatisfaction by allowing the retailers' agents to use the centralized CRM. At the same time, the seamless functioning of the Webshop and Self-care platform is ensured for all retailers by providing them with customized platforms that present up-to-date, centrally developed Product Catalog to the target audience through particular sales channels. The entire system is organized to allow different branding and limit retailers' access only to the data of their customers, and to increase the scalability along with cooperative evolution of partners, while helping to curb unhealthy internal competition.

Also, all financial dealings are within the wholesaler’s control, along with the reports on retailers’ performance and revenues, which help to model and direct your expansion in the most desirable direction and maximize your growth. Items such as invoices and the Self-care platform can be branded for retailers, while all end-customers' CRM records, debt collection and analytical reports are centralized in one system. The wholesale add-on comes as part of the system to save time by integrating with financial features without sacrificing the core Product Catalog and customer relationships management. This approach helps to cut corners wherever possible on the way to seamless service for the end-customers. 

Retail and Wholesale management

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