Comarch Smart Metering
The Comarch solution enables remote reading of water, gas, heat and electricity meters, as well as early detection of anomalies such as leaks, violations, and security alerts. It allows a reduction in network operational costs and automation of service and network maintenance. Comarch Smart Metering can be retrofitted to existing metering infrastructure. Its deployment requires the installation of small devices (Comarch M-BUS - NB IoT Gateway). They collect data from meters periodically, and then use standardized protocols to send this information to the IoT cloud platform (Comarch IoT Platform or the external systems), where it is collected, processed and analyzed. The solution is based on Narrowband-IoT LPWAN technology or LTE/4G connectivity.

Benefits of using Comarch Smart Metering system

Comprehensive solution thanks to Manhole Monitoring

Comarch Manhole Monitoring is an IoT solution for fully automatic monitoring of the opening and closing states of all hatches, including sewage wells, electrical boxes, tips and doors. The system can be used in several business models, as an independent solution and as part of Comarch Smart Metering.

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How does it work?

Main advantages of NB-IoT and LTE/4G

The solution is based on Narrowband-IoT LPWAN technology or LTE/4G connectivity. They are new radio standard which, in comparison to other GSM technologies, ensure better signal penetration and optimize battery life to guarantee secure information transfer.

New solution - Smart Metering for Industry

Comarch introduces a new solution which makes it possible to check the real consumption of utilities is per production batch and to plan optimal delivery while ensuring continuity of production while optimizing deliveries.

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Components of the Smart Metering solution

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We develop our solutions END TO END

Comarch Smart Metering is end to end solution. It was entirely designed and prepared in Poland, from the R&D process, through prototyping and producing equipment in our Comarch IoT Plant in Kraków, to software development after integration with the customer's system. This model allows us to maintain the highest standards of quality and reliability.

See the video which shows the process of programming and testing the tiles, which are used in Comarch Smart Metering Modules.

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