Smart Metering

Comarch Smart Metering

Our system consists of Comarch Smart Metering Module and IoT Platform. The module reads the data from meter, encrypts them and sends it through mobile network, using NB-IoT standard, to IoT Platform. The platform is responsible for receiving and decrypting the data.

Functionalities of Comarch Smart Metering system

Alarm generation and sending

Remote reading of water, gas and electricity meters

Leakage detection

Integration with supplier IT systems

Automatization of service and network maintenance (through Comarch FSM)

Automatic billing/invocing

Main advantages of NB-IoT and LTE Cat -M1

Extended long range coverage and deep penetration

Indoors & underground (up to +20dB)

Security & Reliability

Industry standards based

Optimization for low power consumption

Up to 12 years battery life

Easy deployment

Integrates into cellular system

Components of the Smart Metering solution

How does it work?

Smart metering operation scheme

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