Comarch ERP Enterprise

Comarch ERP Enterprise
Are you looking to streamline and speed up your business? Do you want to be more adaptable and able to plan ahead? Do you have high expectations regarding ergonomics and quality? Let our excellence pave the way to your success! Numerous leading companies from all over the world rely on Comarch ERP Enterprise to help them expand their market position.

1. Easy mapping of complex company structures
2. Strong internationalization
3. Great performance and scalability
4. Completely cloud-ready
5. Multiple awards as ERP system of the year
Comarch ERP Enterprise


Use Comarch ERP Enterprise to fully control all business processes within your company:

  • Inventory logistics and storage location control
  • Procurement and production
  • Dispatching and sales
  • Financial and asset accounting
  • Controlling
  • Service
  • Workflow and project management
  • Business Intelligence




A provider promising success through excellence must offer software supporting users in their daily tasks, helping to avoid mistakes, and effectively saves valuable time. All this is made possible by a combination of multiple factors fused into one outstanding solution:

  • Multi-site capability
  • Multi-country capability
  • Mobile ERP
  • Open architecture
  • Industry 4.0 and Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Fast deployment
  • Reduced costs for training and implementation
  • Low-maintenance
  • Increase in productivity
  • Minimized risk of errors
  • Satisfied and engaged users



Rely on proven quality:

  • Our ERP system has won multiple awards for ERP System of the Year in the mail order business category: in 2011 for the Zalando project and in 2013 for the projects with Falke and KiK24.
  • The Trovarit study "ERP in Practice: User satisfaction, benefits & prospects 2014/2015" also underlines the high quality of Comarch ERP. More than 2,300 companies using ERP systems took part in the survey. Modern ERP systems provide businesses with the required flexibility for their activities. For example, the open architecture of Comarch ERP enables connections to both call center and PoS, giving CC agents insight into current stock movements as initiated and coordinated by the PoS registers that can in turn access the ERP data. Users appreciate Comarch ERP's state-of-the-art capabilities and awarded it high scores in many key fields of the Trovarit study, such as multi-country capability, release capability, functionality, or usability. (See the relevant results from the study in the slideshow to the right.) For more information about the study, visit


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