Comarch ERP Enterprise

Comarch ERP Enterprise is designed for enterprises that want to achieve a higher level of technological advancement for ERP system users in terms of process transformation, business diversification, openness to new foreign markets and rapid response to market changes.

The system works well in international companies with a well-developed business structure, with particular attention to the needs of Polish-German businesses.

With Comarch ERP Enterprise you will develop the potential of your company in all areas of business.

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More than just an ERP system

Comarch ERP Enterprise (CEE) belongs to an exclusive group of systems with open architecture, each of which fits any IT environment. Such a solution makes it possible to adapt the system to the individual needs of a company.

Owing to its enhanced functionality, the tool covers every area of business activity. Specially notable is the fact that the system can be implemented for single entities and capital groups, as it supports multi-site organizational structure management.

The platform is perfect for companies operating internationally, especially for Polish -German ones.

The solution has won numerous industry awards and always complies with Polish regulations. 

Comarch ERP Enterprise is:

The perfect system for multi-branch organizations and those operating on international markets.

A 100% web based solution available entirely via an internet browser

A means of gaining technological independence as it can run on a variety of database platforms and operating systems

A fully scalable system that is ready to grow together with the company 

Comarch CEE for commerce, production and services

Do you want to increase your company’s performance? Do you want it to be flexible and prepared for change? Do you have demanding requirements as to ergonomics and quality? Is excellence the key issue for you to achieve success?

Many companies in various industries and sectors are successfully building their position in domestic and international markets by working with the  Comarch ERP Enterprise system.

With Comarch ERP Enterprise, you will develop the potential of your company in any sector, including commerce, production and services.

Comarch ERP Enterprise for Polish-German  companies

Comarch ERP Enterprise is an ERP system designed with the international market in mind. The platform is a comprehensive solution adjusted to support companies from Poland and the DACH region (Germany, Switzerland and Austria). The features responding to the specifics of business activity, as well as commercial and substantive support in these countries ensure smooth implementation.

Owing to the latest technology used in the system, which guarantees close integration while being open to external solutions, Comarch ERP Enterprise is adjustable to the specifics of foreign markets.

Comarch ERP Enterprise in OMS model

Comarch ERP Enterprise is particularly useful as an order management system that coordinates the processing of orders from various sales channels in a comprehensive and automatic way.

As an OMS (order management system), Comarch ERP Enterprise is a system that consolidates and arranges all a company’s orders and sales transactions in one place. In such configuration, Comarch ERP Enterprise is a sort of intermediate layer between the ERP and the financial accounting systems used in the company, and the solutions that ensure smooth customer support in the online model and through points of sale. A system of this type integrates with any sales channels (Amazon and eBay), online shop solutions (Comach e-Shop, Oxid, Magento and Shopware), as well as loyalty, courier and payment management systems.

The OMS system is the central point of Comarch Unified Commerce Platform , which follows the assumptions of the unified commerce strategy, in which all customer communication channels work as one.

Discover the functional frameworks of Comarch ERP Enterprise

Commerce and distribution

Effective and flexible sales is the key to success for a company. With Comarch ERP Enterprise, you can process your orders effectively and deliver them rapidly, as you can monitor and automate the sales process, from a quotation to a sales order, related documents such as invoices, and sales analysis.


A comprehensive solution for multi-variant, process-based, discreet production management based on series and batch numbering is the foundation of planning and management in Comarch ERP Enterprise. CEE also supports all relevant management methods such as the Make or Buy decision, Kanban or Just in Time. Integrated quality management completes a variety of production features.  Owing to cooperation with the Comarch IoT platform, your company will be prepared for the fourth industrial revolution (Industry 4.0).

Omnichannel sales

As an omnichannel distribution tool, Comarch ERP Enterprise can connect with any sales channels, such as Amazon and eBay, solutions for online shops (Comarch e-Shop, Oxid, Magento and Shopware), solutions for points of sale, such as Comarch POS, mobile sales solutions and call centers. The order management system ensures full control over sales channels, transparent data source and full integration.


MRP Planning

Proper planning is the foundation of a successful business. Comarch ERP Enterprise offers short, medium and long-term material requirements planning features, as well as resource usage features. Unexpected changes in planning or demand are no longer a problem, as the planning process can also be restarted in the system in multiple parallel use cases. 

Warehouse management

Effective warehouse management is a time and money saving approach. Storage costs are affected by the warehouse space, product placement and the speed of accessing the stored items. The solutions of Comarch ERP Enterprise provide flexible inventory management from receipt of goods to all stages of production and storage, picking and release of goods, including transport.


Service and maintenance

Maintenance of own machinery park, servicing and maintenance of equipment for own production and for the manufacturer – all these services offered by your company are fully supported by Comarch ERP Enterprise. Thanks to automation of the processes of creating service messages, provision and invoicing of services, and delivery of new equipment, the service department in your company can count on support at each stage of work. Reproduction of service agreements and planning of maintenance processes provide additional convenience.


Accounting and finance (CFE)

Finance and accounting involve handling of hierarchical organizational structures with a possibility of mapping them and processing internal billing. Significant automation of accounting operations in the system can be achieved, for instance, through hints provided in mandatory fields. Other standout features of this module include ease of data input and output. In addition to the available types of standard reports that can be used during data analysis, it is also possible to create lists in a variety of ways through free data selection, sorting and summing-up.

Fixed assets

The accounting and financial records of a company's fixed assets can be managed directly in a dedicated module. This functionality supports the full spectrum of asset management requirements for write-offs, insurance values, planned expenditures and repair costs.


Comarch ERP Enterprise provides better business performance management, as apart from traditional cost accounting, it also includes analyses of project costs, company units and other freely selected parameters, such as client, representative, item or region.

Business Intelligence

An integrated Comarch BI solution includes all areas of business activity, including control, HR, inventory management, production, replenishment, CRM, distribution, service, WMS and accounting. It ensures access to the most up- o date data, which makes it a reliable tool for making strategic business decisions. Owing to its ergonomic interface and clear reporting, employees can more easily access relevant and current information without special training.

Project management (workflow)

A project-based work system requires the right tools to maintain transparency in project management, for project implementation, results and costs generated. Comarch ERP Enterprise enables simple monitoring and accounting of client and internal projects. Close connection with other functional modules such as inventory management, procurement and production makes it easier to handle the purchase or manufacture of the material to which the project refers. With the help of an integrated time management system, it is possible to document, analyze and account for the time and activities devoted to a specific project. An additional advantage of this module is the ability to plan, register and manage service agreements.

Our clients

The CEE system not only supports day to day tasks of companies, but also prevents errors, which translates into savings. These efficiencies and cost savings are the benefits most often cited by our clients.

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