Research & Development

Research & Development

Innovation – the Driving Force behind Comarch

Comarch is a strong, knowledge based company, with significant experience in developing sophisticated software and IT solutions for several key sectors. Most products offered by Comarch are developed in-house. Comarch's capacity for constant innovation is backed by its vast experience, highly qualified human resources (1500 experts employed in several research and development centers around the World) and above all, by considerable R&D investments.

A major part of Comarch’s strategy is to conduct research and development aimed at implementing new products and their standardization from the very beginning, when they are being prepared for a customer. This ensures that even if a solution has been developed for a particular client, some, or all of the software code can be used to develop a standardized product. Such a strategy results in higher profitability and a growing customer base.

Comarch Research & Development 2023

  • EU Funds

A number of Comarch’s R&D projects are co-financed through various European Union and Polish programs. Comarch has successfully completed 14 innovative R&D projects financed through the Sectoral Operational Programme "Improvement of the Competitiveness of Enterprises”:

  1. Efficient Decision Support System Based on a Financial Data Warehouse
  2. Management Information System for SMEs Integrated with a Decision Support Module
  3. Client Categorization in Large Customer Service Systems
  4. Real Time Billing System for Next Generation Network (NGN) Services
  5. Least Cost Routing System for Telecommunication Operators
  6. Modeling and Analysis Tools for New Generation Network Management Systems
  7. Query Cost Estimation in Next-Generation Business Intelligence Tools
  8. Innovative Software Quality Control and Defect Detection System
  9. Modern Information Exchange System for ERP Systems for the SME Market
  10. New Generation Multimedia Services Platform for Computer and Mobile Networks
  11. Development of Specialized Computational Financial Engineering Tools for Risk Management Support
  12. Integrated ERP System for Local Government Authorities
  13. Integrated Internet Based Customer Service System for Administrative Procedures
  14. Intelligent WAN Analysis System for Optimizing and Monitoring Telecommunication Structures

Comarch actively develops solutions for the Information Society, through active participation in projects funded through the 6th and 7th Framework Programmes, including:

6 Framework Programme:

  1. Misuse Detection System in Telecommunication Infrastructure MDS – Coordinator
  2. Empowering the mobile worker by wearable computing (WearIT@work)
  3. Ambient Intelligence System of Agents for Knowledge-based and Integrated Services for Mobility Impaired users (ASK IT)
  4. European Collaborative networked Organizations LEADership initiative (ECOLEAD)

7 Framework Programme:

  1. Marrying Ontology and Software Technology (MOST) – Coordinator
  2. Advanced Data Mining and Integration Research for Europe (ADMIRE)
  3. Net Information Integration Services for Security Systems (NI2S3)

Comarch participates in projects within the EUREKA/CELTIC Initiative, co-financed by domestic funds for aiding scientific development. The advanced SLAM (SLA Management for Telecommunications Operators) project was successfully completed within this initiative. Currently, the MANGO (Management Platform for Next Generation Optical Networks) project, aimed at creating high tech tools used to manage telecommunication networks, is in progress.

Currently, Comarch is working on four targeted research and development projects, funded by the Polish Ministry of Science and Higher Education:

  1. Integration of Selected PLM Functionalities into ERP Systems for the SME Market
  2. Virtual Investor Service Office
  3. Credit System for Banks and Financial Institutions Using a Fully Configurable Rule Based Engine
  4. Development of Functional Modules for the Comarch OPT!MA ERP System for Virtual Enterprises using Internet and Mobile Devices

In 2010, Comarch will start work on a new project – “Innovative Platform for Market Research Analysis” funded through the IniTech initiative.

Cooperation with Research Institutions

Comarch cooperates with leading universities and research institutions in conducting R&D projects financed at the European and Polish levels. Such cooperation enables the exchange of knowledge in both directions, enhancing innovativeness. This results in the commercialization of research and provides Comarch with the opportunity to constantly interact with academic institutions.