The Internet of Healthcare Things

The Internet of Healthcare Things, IoHT in short, is a concept that describes uniquely identifiable devices connected to the Internet and able to communicate with each other, used in the medical area. These solutions enable, for example,  localization and real-time information about assets. Remote or automatic management of resources is possible too. This leads not only to higher quality care and time savings, but also ensures patient safety. Thanks to the IoHT, managing medical facilities is more efficient with uninterrupted access to equipment, data and patients’ information. The most important features of most IoHT solutions are flexibility and personalization. Systems can be adapted to every facility, no matter what specialization or size. They can also be integrated with existing technologies and software, connected and modified.

  • Fast and easy notification of personnel about problems, by the patient or a device
  • Continuous monitoring of patients’ conditions and saving their parameters
  • Increasing safety by providing remote medical care and detection of dangerous events
  • Faster and more effective access to medical care, and therefore to diagnosis and treatment
  • Comprehensive care outside medical facilities
  • Automatic transfer and analysis of data collected by devices
  • Remote medical consultations
  • Automatic reminders
  • Constant access to patients’ full medical history including latest data
  • Help of algorithms which can detect abnormalities
  • Easy location of patients with orientation difficulties (e.g. those suffering from dementia)
  • Quick and easy location of devices and other equipment
  • Constant access to essential information about the patients from mobile application
  • Patients’ database available through a web browser
  • Geofencing/protection against theft, notifications when devices leave a defined area
  • Control of access to data and resources
  • Automatic or remote control of lighting systems, which can save energy and regulate patients’ circadian rhythm
  • Analysis of resource consumption
  • Movement detection via sensors and alerts
  • Preventive/predictive maintenance
  • Quick data access and transfer in the event of emergency
  • Real-time fault and error detection
  • Maintenance automation

The architecture of an IoHT solution

Devices which perform certain actions such as taking measurements (glucometers and holters) or have specific functions (lamps). Importantly, retrofitting means that even older machines can be adapted to an IoHT solution.
Communication modules integrated with final devices. This allows the transfer of data and remote control. Information is collected from IoHT objects and transmitted to the cloud platform. There are various communication standards, therefore it is important that providers are flexible and able to choose the right one for each system.
Cloud platform
Both software and platform can function as a service. This provides secure and constant access to data and easy transmission, which is crucial for every medical facility and patients. The cloud allows different elements to use the same infrastructure, whilst offering various functionalities. An IoHT platform can be integrated with other internal systems, making cooperation fast and easy.

Systems for patients

Remote Medical Care – medical care within or outside the facility, supported with proper, integrated and communicative technology, such as:

Systems for managing medical facilities

Cloud platforms

The operation scheme of IoHT solution

IoHT infographic

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