New solution for Industry - elimination of waste thanks to Smart Metering for Industry
Comarch introduces a new solution which makes it possible to check the real consumption of utilities is per production batch and to plan optimal delivery while ensuring continuity of production while optimizing deliveries.
The production process consumes many resources, such as gases, oils, and lubricants. What is more, with so much equipment involved in the continuous consumption of energy in plants it is difficult to optimize consumption without ongoing monitoring of resources - be they traditional, such as water, electricity, and gas, or specialized, such as compressed air and industrial gases.

IoT as an opportunity for constant access to data

Comarch Smart Metering is a smart metering system that enables remote reading of data from water, gas, electric, and other meters. It is an IoT solution based on a combination of a Comarch device and a cloud solution (Comarch IoT Platform or other systems). This enables permanent access to the data collected on an ongoing basis and its analysis in real time, which is the greatest value of the entire solution.
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Selected recommended areas of application of Comarch Smart Metering for Industry


Laser cutting
Compressed air systems
Heat treatment
Waterjet cutting
Dosing of substances

Operating scheme of the solution - many channels of data acquisition

The Comarch Smart Metering for Industry solution can involve the installation of one or more types of IoT devices, depending on the customer’s needs. The IoT devices read data from meters at appropriate intervals and automatically transfer the information to IT systems.

Integration with other systems - comprehensive offer

Visibility of the purchase order being fulfilled, integration with other systems.
Smart Metering devices that transfer data to the Comarch IoT Platform.

ollecting raw data from devices transfer to BI via standard REST interface and rule definition and alerting.

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data visualization and pattern recognition of mass data.


Automatic download of visualized data from BI

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The entire system makes it possible to make predictions based on data.

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