Predictive Maintenance
Predictive maintenance provides combined services including hardware integration, data analysis, identification, and task management to facilitate and automate processes in the various fields and operations. The implementation of Comarch Predictive Maintenance is an effective and cost-saving method of monitoring the performance of assets to ensure continuity in the process by predicting failures and undertaking actions before they occur.

How does it work?

The process is provided in three stages:

  • Data colleting with dedicated infrastructure
  • Modeling and analytics
  • Automation of work and order assignment

The process begins with data collection from hardware peripherals. The selected network (in accordance with industrial standards) provides data to the gateway. From that point, all information is transferred to the cloud ecosystem where it is proceeded. The appropriate maintenance of operations requires automated data management and immediate reaction before an emergency occurs. To meet these requirements, real-time analysis is carried out automatic tasks are assigned to field technicians, and task completion is reported back to the ecosystem.

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The value of implementation

Use cases of implementation

For Industry 4.0 (large production enterprises)

Managing numerous resources, conducting comprehensive and effective processes in production companies requires the implementation of systems that allow automated production continuity. The Comarch solution was deployed at a leading tobacco producer, where the challenge was to collect and analyse data from production lines. As a result, the customer gained the opportunity to analyse the quality of manufactured goods based on the machine parameters, failure forecasting, planning and scheduling of optimized production processes.
  • Data acquisition from production lines
  • Analysis of quality of manufactured goods based on machine parameters
  • Failure forecasting
  • Planning and scheduling optimized production processes

For equipment and supplies providers

Supplying products and replenishment of resources on a continuous basis requires constant access to data and ongoing status analysis. An example of beneficiaries of the solution are vending machine providers. Continuous replenishment requires machines to function properly without any shortages in deliveries. Therefore, checking their efficiency will ensure that malfunction will be predicted or eliminated in time.
  • Continuous replenishment of resources
  • Access to data and status analysis
  • Failure reduction
  • Asset management

For utilities (waterworks, heating and electricity suppliers)

The correct maintenance of municipal infrastructure requires access to data flow and real-time analysis. We implemented our solution at a Dubai network operator and water supply company. Thanks to that, the client can access data remotely from water meters. In the event of any unexpected failure, the operator is able to react and eliminate any disruption (for example leakage) or breakdown.
  • Access to data flow
  • Real-time analysis
  • Remote data from meters
  • Leak detection

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