BSS/OSS Transformations

Increasing competition from OTT (over the top) players and the rapid development of Internet-based services that are often free to use have forced telecoms companies to rethink and redesign their commercial offers, and to add innovative products to their portfolios, in order to remain competitive. Extending and maintaining those product portfolios has started to absorb more time, money and resources, which has put a huge burden on the operational activities and business results of CSPs. At the same time, network investments towards transformation are constantly growing, and need to be offset in the form of revenues from new customers and products.

On top of that, many new dedicated BSS/OSS systems have been created to support each of these new business ventures. This led to BSS/OSS infrastructures being built in silos, with information about the network, services and customers scattered across various IT systems. Such an approach can potentially extend the time to market for new services – the exact opposite of what telecoms providers are trying to achieve right now.

In order to regain their competitive position, telecoms companies need to become more agile. They need to offer new services fast in order to generate new revenues,and they must undertake BSS/OSS transformation and consolidation towards leaner architectures, in order to lower the cost of network and product maintenance and be to able to offer superb customer experience.

As a software vendor and a business partner for global telecom companies, we understand the nature and complexity of telecom transformation projects. Based on our experience we have developed a complete offer of products and services to support local and multi-country transformations in both the BSS and OSS domains.

Comarch BSS & OSS Transformation Services - Benefits

Consolidate your BSS/OSS to save time and money

Benefit from an “umbrella” approach to BSS and OSS to consolidate your BSS/OSS environments and multi-country operations, optimizing network / resource management and business processes related to new technology rollouts and current market needs. Test new ideas in a step by step manner, adjusting the BSS/OSS tools as your business grows – without risking a “big bang” approach.

Optimize product and customer management

Switch towards a unified, optimized and cost-effective way of managing product portfolios and customer-related processes / data, across multiple geographical locations within your company. Simplify your product management, billing, ordering and customer service processes so that you can react fast to changing market conditions.

Generate new revenues from existing assets

Launch new business lines and business models, while securing your company’s independence in the value chain and ensuring monetization of existing assets such as connectivity, security, network and customer data.

Pave the way for the technologies of tomorrow

Leverage the capabilities of your existing BSS/OSS infrastructure to support the latest technologies, such as introducing SDN/NFV or offering M2M/IoT services.

Consolidate service fulfillment and operations

Shorten time to market and boost service innovation, by centralizing your order management and service fulfillment processes around a product and service catalog. Enable your customer service teams to react in real time, and create new services faster by ensuring the ability to copy your company’s product / service models across all business units, including those spread across multiple countries.

Benefit from a Managed Services model

Move part of the responsibility for your transformation’s success to Comarch, resulting in time and cost savings. Optimize the total cost of ownership (TCO), ensure the highest quality of your services with a set of defined KPIs, and enjoy the boost that your business receives as result.

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 Considering the comprehensiveness of the solution and its complexity, as well as our ambitious timeframes, we were looking for an experienced and reliable BSS/OSS provider. Comarch has cooperated with various large telco operators, including the Deutsche Telekom group, on various projects over the past 10 years, and that trust was an important factor behind choosing them to be a partner in this strategically important project.

Comarch has demonstrated an understanding of our demands and we engaged in truly collaborative solution development. Their dynamic approach and their ability to listen to our technical and business needs, as well as to adjust the development to best support our goals, convinces us we made the right decision. 

Dr. Marcus Hacke, Founder & Managing Director, ngena GmbH

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