Cloud Transformation

Comarch OSS/BSS Cloud Platform is a solution developed to make the telecom digitization process as swift and effortless as possible. It is designed in the spirit of agile, microservice-based architecture that ensures full automation of platform integration and delivery, rapid deployment, and cloud-readiness from the get go.

Consistent with our tradition of modular, self-contained solutions, the telco cloud platform is based on fine-grained services with lightweight API, and can be implemented step by step to best align with your business model, scale, and the needs of your customers.

Comarch BSS & OSS Cloud Transformation - Benefits

Keep your data where it is

Cloud transformation doesn’t need to mean moving your data. Operators can retain pre-existing SaaS and PaaS models while still benefitting from the convenience of the cloud-ready solution.

Deploy new services quickly

Rolling out new services can take days or even hours instead of months. Telecom Cloud services allow network configuration to be reused, making the addition of new value-added services only a matter of defining pricing models and content for the new market.

Integrate with other solutions easily

A standardized, open and TM Forum-compliant API assures straightforward integration with third-party software including social media, IP-based messengers, analytics and BI tools, IN and IoT platforms, and OTT services.

Uncover new revenue streams

Telco cloud platform openness allows operators to access new revenue sources and manage content together with OTT providers, enabling revenue-sharing models similar to app stores.

Improve network capacity

Comarch OSS/BSS Cloud Service follows VNF principles and removes limitations imposed by physical hardware. Cloud-native software-standardized interfaces speed up deployment, simplify automated testing, and facilitate a swift response to temporary network utilization peaks.

Lower OPEX

Improve automation and enable re-usability of configuration patterns and operations teams by allowing them to work from the same cloud platform.

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Cloud Transformation Case Study 


Comarch’s flexibility, both technical and commercial was exactly what we were looking for in our billing provider. The Comarch Billing Cloud enabled fringOut to grow from zero to millions of users, without compromising the quality of service. Thanks to Comarch we were able to launch the service very fast and can easily adjust it as the business evolves. 

Alex Nerst , CTO fring

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