Company Process Management: Electronic Ddocument Wworkflow

Streamline your business by digitizing document workflows and automating business processes.

Flexible process configuration as part of a built-in low-code platform allows the system to be easily adjusted to the needs of any business, while the ability to work on mobile devices makes all documents and tasks easily available from anywhere.

Forget about paper and unclear procedures, and ensure efficient work in your company with Comarch DMS.

Automation and digitization of business processes

DMS not only empowers the document workflow itself, it also the improves efficiency and effectiveness of many other processes in various business areas of the company.

Mobile access

Access to documents from virtually anywhere, thanks to the ability to work with mobile applications, web browsers and desktop applications


Stay on top of your assignments with mobile and email notifications.

Time control

More efficient execution of processes by defining time for their execution, automatic escalation and reporting of information.

Low - code platfrom

Create and change company processes with the built-in graphical process configurator.

Cooperation with ERP

Extend standard ERP system areas with new processes while maintaining data integrity.


Automate the invoice entry process using proven Comarch OCR tool

Approval pathways

Apply your own document workflow schemes with the option to enter business rules and suggest next steps

Process history

Maintain access to complete process information, taking into account responsible persons, execution times, comments and complete data

Electronic document workflow and business processes

Regardless of the scale or type of business, every enterprise requires effective document management. Extended functionalities of Comarch DMS will provide support in the digitization of the company as it goespaperless or abandons workflows based on emails or Excel files. Using Comarch DMS, you will optimize activities related to entering, describing, or approving various types of documents such as invoices, contracts and correspondence.

The system’s flexibility allows the support of standard document workflows and non-standard business processes. Thanks to that, it is possible to use a single system to improve processes in many areas of the company.

Company areas which can be improved by DMS

Accounting and finance

Cost accounting and approval in a company are among the most commonly digitized areas. Control of expenditures and prompt execution of payments are elements that are essential for the proper functioning of enterprises. This area is also supported by the document workflow system. Examples of processes in this area include:

  • Cost invoices
  • Demands
  • Acceptance of payments
  • Business trips
  • Acceptance of allowances and bonuses
HR and payroll

Digitization of documents and processes in the HR department allows the quick and efficient handling of employee application issues, among other things, without the need to multiply paper documents. Examples of processes in this area include:

  • Vacation requests
  • Vacancy notifications
  • Registration for training
  • Periodic evaluations
  • Contract records

Organizing the documentation that comes into the company or is recorded for internal use is often a challenge. By digitizing this area with Comarch DMS, it is possible to move to digital management of such processes and avoid losing documents or delaying their execution. Examples of processes in this area include:

  • Circulation of incoming and outgoing correspondence
  • Registering contracts
  • Proxy documents
  • Requests to the board
  • Float management

There are many different types of issues that come through the IT department every day. In order to unify communication and gain full control of pending issues, it is possible to use Comarch DMS. Examples of processes in this area include:

  • Issue-tracking system
  • Authorization assignment
  • Fulfillment of equipment requests
  • Management of system changes
ISO procedures

Quality management in the company, regardless of whether we are talking about products manufactured, services provided or internal processes, is extremely important and requires reliable records and the ability to adapt quickly to changes. Examples of processes in this area include:

  • Improvement suggestions
  • Suggestions of corrective and preventive actions
  • 8D report
  • Product quality control
Other areas

The flexibility of Comarch DMS allows you to build your own document workflows and processes. This means that, as well as standard workflows such as invoices, you can perform non-standard tasks, tailored to the specificity of a particular company, all within one platform. Examples of such processes include:

  • Product management
  • Acceptance of credit limits
  • Supplier evaluation
  • Service requests

Properties and components of Comarch DMS

Comarch DMS allows you to optimize the process of entering invoices by using the Comarch OCR service. Document data are automatically recognized and entered into the workflow by the latest technologies based on artificial intelligence (AI/ML) algorithms, which will speed up the process and reduce the number of potential errors.

Importantly, Comarch DMS has features that allow you to process invoices regardless of how they are received:

  • Automatic download of scanned documents from directories
  • Direct connection to the scanner
  • Download of attachments from email messages
  • Processing of data from images taken in a mobile application

Learn more about Comarch OCR

Mobile document workflow

Thanks to Comarch DMS, working with company documents and tasks is possible from anywhere, which allows you to avoid unnecessary delays in the process. Regardless of whether an employee is in the office, working remotely, or on the train during a business trip, the system provides constant access to information thanks to the ability to work on one of four platforms:

  • Desktop application
  • Web browser
  • iOS application
  • Android application

Analysis of ongoing processes

Information about current and archived documents and tasks is available to users in a clear and readable document list. This information is additionally supplemented by a built-in reporting module that allows you to present data in the form of tables, diagrams and charts. This provides a quick way to analyze aggregate and global information, as well as detailed summaries for specific cases.

The standard reports include information about overdue tasks or the number of documents by employees and stages. In addition, the system has a built-in report creator, within which you can prepare any of your own summaries, such as unfinished invoices from the previous month for VAT purposes

Cooperation with ERP systems

Electronic document workflow is very often an extension of the classic ERP system. Comarch DMS can complement standard processes and support work in areas beyond the scope of classic ERP without the the need to purchase specialized, dedicated systems.

Our solution is part of the Comarch ERP 4.0 offer, and therefore cooperation with Comarch ERP Optima, XL, Enterprise and Standard systems is built in too Comarch DMS. Owing to that, it is possible to avoid problems with installation, configuration or data synchronization. The system allows direct cooperation of modules in the online mode. Using the same dictionaries (such as customers/vendors or items) or generating reprocessed documents for the ERP system, it is possible to ensure data consistency without unnecessary duplication and rewriting of information. In addition, extensive configuration capabilities allow simple expansion of the cooperation between DMS and ERP

Comarch DMS can also cooperate with external solutions as part of the standalone version.

Automation and robotization of processes

Comarch DMS system allows the optimization and automation of work within the electronic document and process flow, starting from the automatic entry and completion of invoices by the Comarch OCR service, through artificial intelligence mechanisms suggesting next steps in the process, to the automatic transfer of documents to the next stages. As a result of a broad functional scope together with flexibility and the application of company rules, only necessary actions are performed in the system, skipping redundant steps.

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