OCR for Invoice Processing

OCR, or optical character recognition technology, is widely used in many fields, including business.

Thanks to Comarch OCR, you will quickly bring each paper invoice into VAT accounts with nothing more than a scanner or camera and Internet connection

Comarch OCR cloud service will help you read and catalog data from your invoice – saving time you would otherwise need to spend on entering the invoice details manually, and later you will be able to search for all necessary documents quickly.

Recognizing invoices through OCR

OCR is a technology used to recognize characters and entire texts contained in an image file. Comarch OCR’s goal is to recognize data from scanned invoices (information such as customers, subtotal/total amounts, VAT, and invoice numbers) with the use of OCR technology, and then to transfer the recognized data to accounting software (VAT accounts).

One of the greatest advantages of OCR is that it saves you a considerable amount of time while entering invoices into an accounting system.

Comarch OCR will read invoices and enter them into the system

Comarch OCR is able to recognize the following invoice items:
  • TIN number - once a vendor’s TIN number is found, it is verified in the GUS register, and appropriate data from GUS is transferred to a document in a VAT purchase account
  • Document number,
  • Date of issue and date of sales,
  • Payment form and due date,
  • VAT rates and amounts,
  • Bank account number

Comarch OCR

Use OCR directly in your system

You do not need to install another application or log in through a browser - the OCR icon will be displayed in your ERP system. It is enough to click on it to use the service.

Select your individual package

You do not have to worry that subscription costs will be disproportionately high considering your business needs. Comarch OCR is available in several packages, enabling you to process the maximum number of pages.

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