OCR for Invoice Processing

OCR (optical text recognition) technology is used in many areas, including business. Comarch offers a service that will accelerate the digitization of your company. With Comarch OCR, you can quickly enter any paper invoice into VAT registers. All you need is a scanner or a camera and an Internet connection.

The Comarch OCR cloud service will read and catalog key data from the invoice for you, thanks to which you will save the time you would have spent entering this information manually and will be able to quickly find all necessary documents in the future.

Benefits of OCR

The OCR service for entering invoices is designed to recognize characters and whole sections of text in a graphic file such as a PDF, JPG, JPEG, TIFF, or PNG. The task of Comarch OCR lies in applying this technology to recognize data (e.g. contracting parties, net/gross amount, descriptions, VAT, and invoice numbers) in scanned invoices, and then transfer the recognized data to the accounting software, e.g. VAT registers.

How does the Comarch OCR service go about recognizing invoices?

By using advanced proprietary algorithms, including elements of artificial intelligence, the Comarch OCR service analyzes the graphic file provided and recognizes the text it contains. After the software converts the image into text and reads the substantive data it contains, it assigns the data to the relevant categories - VAT ID, invoice number, date, net amount, gross amount, VAT amount, bank account number, etc. Then the invoice processed by Comarch OCR is entered into the ERP system, where it can be reviewed, posted, and archived at a later stage.

The process includes the following steps:
  • Scanning or taking a photo of the invoice
  • Uploading the invoice file to the Comarch OCR service, which processes the invoice and returns the substantive data to the ERP system
  • Checking the correctness of the data read
  • Approving the document in the ERP system

Try Comarch OCR free of charge

Currently, every user who has new versions of Comarch ERP Optima, Comarch ERP XL, and Comarch DMS is, after signing relevant agreements, granted free access to the DEMO 50 package, whereby they can enter up to 50 pages within one month. As for Comarch ERP XT Users, 20 pages per month can be entered at no charge.

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