Enterprise Product Catalog

Enterprise Product Catalog: A Product Catalog for Business Customers in Telecoms

Enterprise Product Catalog for Telecom enables simple and flexible storage of the entire CSP product portfolio in one place. The system sets up several slave catalogs per domain or business line. These are used for selling offers to end customers and driving appropriate charging and billing products. CSPs dealing with resellers can employ Enterprise Product Catalog’s sharing and multi-tenancy capabilities to allow each partner to manage offers individually, based on the existing product catalog, greatly decreasing costs associated with catalog management for the CSP.

Well-defined and controlled user roles, effective lifecycle management processes and version control of all entities give powerful tools for business teams to innovate, modify or extend the existing portfolio continuously. The propagation processes of configuration are secured by approvals granted by privileged employees prior to publication of changes to slave product catalogs and third-party systems via the OpenAPI present in the system. The publication process steps and players, roles of connected Product Catalogs, and data export and import paths are fully configurable so as to automate all exchanges and ensure the processes are fully aligned with given architecture landscape and the CSP’s organization.  Additionally, thanks to multi-currency and multi-taxation support, cases involving multiple partners in numerous countries are fully supported.

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Benefits of implementing a product catalog for business customers in telecommunications - Comarch Enterprise Product Catalog:

Product Catalog ready for any roles and multiple partnerships

Product Catalog can be easily configured to fit a multiple tenant and multiple role environment so even the most complex organizations & partnerships fit perfectly.

Central place for all products and offers

Designed in line with market standards Product Catalog masters models of Product Specifications and Product Offers with all their details and relations.

Ready for integration with other Product Catalogs

With its unified interfaces and APIs, Comarch Product Catalog is open to work as a part of a larger landscape. It can work as a master Enterprise Product Catalog or as a slave one.

Simplified Lifecycle Management

Product Catalog built-in processes make it easy to create, copy, test, approve or retire. Single entity or a larger piece of the configuration can be managed with ease throughout the entire lifecycle.

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