Video Analytics

What is Comarch Video Cut?

Comarch Video Cut is a solution for the analysis of post factum video materials, supporting the work of analysts and investigative special services. It is useful in the work of business security departments.

How Comarch Video Cut increases work efficiency?

The solution enables fast analysis of secured video materials from various sources in various formats. Regardless of the length of the recording, quick analysis of entrusted materials is possible, while filtering tools help identify the time and place of the incident, effectively search for suspects using face recognition mechanisms, or identify moving vehicles through automated reading of license plates.
Comarch Video Cut
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What are the benefits for system users?

The system was created to improve the security of your buildings and urban space. The solution allows quick identification of suspects and perpetrators of the incident. Thanks to Comarch Video Cut, you can quickly analyze long video recordings identifying movement in an interesting area and in terms of key features. The system allows you to generate fragments of recordings (incidents) to the standardized MP4 video format. Thanks to this, you can get faster evidence based on recordings from many devices.

What kind of tools can I use to analyze, find and identify the incident and suspects?

Our IT system has a toolkit to effectively shorten video and analysis

The following filters are available to support the work of analysts

Where can you use our system?

What are the other uses of the solution? Is it just a security area?

One of the application areas can be vehicle traffic analysis. Entry or exit from the construction site, logistics center or other area. Traffic at the intersection can be analyzed for the size of moving objects and identification of data from license plates (ANPR).

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