Autonomous Networks for Unlimited 5G Use Cases

Harness the power of an intelligent, autonomous 5G network solution and transform your business today

The telecommunications services market is constantly awaiting new technologies that can keep up with customers’ ever-changing demands and higher expectations of services that must be affordable and tailored precisely to their needs. The implementation of full automation is the only way for operators to meet these requirements, especially with the roll-out of 5G and associated new forms of business and production, as these are based on telco services which must be standardized and simplified so they can be managed independently by customers.

Comarch brings more than 25 years of experience to bear on its solutions in this field, offering unparalleled products fit for today’s technologies and whatever may be over the horizon. The tools on offer help operators to design effective methods of interaction between infrastructure and service elements, create an appropriate, universal knowledge base for autonomous systems, and implement new maintenance processes for autonomous systems.

With closed-loop network automation, self-healing and self-scaling, all automated and in real time, Comarch’s solutions lead to increased network stability and performance, reduced levels of human intervention, simplified service design, improved service parameters, and rapid reaction to network events.

autonomous system in networking - telecom

Gain a fully intelligent network autonomous system and benefit from

  • Intent-based service design with automatic, optimal realization
  • Instant adaption of service topology to meet changing traffic levels
  • An always-on network thanks to proactive optimization of resource usage

  • OPEX reduction
  • Simplification of network deployment and maintenance
  • Zero-touch network management to support Industry 4.0

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