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Mobile application for drivers

How does the Comarch Smart Parking app work?

Comarch Smart Parking is a free mobile application that helps you find a free parking space. The application is available for mobile devices operating with the following systems: Android and iOS.

Find a free parking space in your area

Let yourself be guided. Your space is already waiting!

Park a car

Congratulations! You have just gained a lot of free time

Smart Parking management system

Management Portal of the Comarch Smart Parking system

Modular software offering comprehensive tools for units responsible for parking management.
  • Logged in user
  • Default

Interactive map with system objects along with the option of executing management actions in the system

Data export to PDF, CSV, XLS formats

Multi-company support

Support for many language versions

Managing parking zones

Generating reports and forwarding to the indicated address for notifications

Management of parking configuration parameters

User administration and data access

Current statuses of parking spaces

Statistics and reports including indicators for parking analyzes

Automatic notification of change of places

A hybrid solution that supports various detection technologies

    Access to the interactive map view

    Tools for searching free parking spaces

    Preview information on car parks such as price lists, regulations

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      Paid Parking Zones

      Our smart parking solution allows you to get all the necessary data to implement paid parking zones or other data leading to conscious shaping parking policy.

      A detection system based on cameras and intelligent video analytics

      • Identification of free parking spaces based on proprietary algorithms
      • High detection accuracy - 98%
      • Accurate measurement of downtime
      • The possibility of using cameras of existing CCTV systems, local monitoring
      • Identification of illegal parking or parking in unauthorized places (optional)


      • Parking operators
      • Drivers

      Access to detailed statistical data and reports

      Monitoring parking spaces

      Reduction of exhaust emissions related to idling

      Effective parking management

        Direct navigation to a free parking space

        Smaller traffic jams

        Saving time and money

        Less car use

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