Comarch Education

Comarch’s offer aims to meet the expectations of the public sector in the field of education management. Comarch Education is a modern IT software supporting the teaching process and using the Internet as a means of communication between those involved.

The system forms only one part of Comarch’s offer to regional and local government. When used in conjunction with other Comarch products Comarch Education will help Polish public administration make better use of IT. The integrated Comarch Education system is a complete solution that assists in the management of educational institutions at all levels and supports both teaching and administrative processes.

The system elements are tightly linked together but can also function independently. This means that the product can be implemented step by step or in one go. Implementing a comprehensive education management solution brings with it a wide range of benefits. The direct costs of managing educational entities are reduced, while the quality of the service provided is improved and the general processes involved in educational management are optimized and made more efficient.

Comarch Education Modules

As it is modular, the system can be configured easily and adapted to the customer’s needs simply, quickly and effectively. To ensure that the customer gets a system that fits, each implementation is treated as an individual project and is conducted according to PMBOK (Project Management Body of Knowledge) or PRINCE2 (Projects in Controlled Environments) standards, which are acknowledged the world over, as well to the ISO 9001:2001 quality standard.

Educational Portal

this supports both teaching per se, and the wider mentoring and life skills issues, as well as the everyday news and information processes in education


this module collects data on pupils’ educational progress and provides them with a comprehensive, dedicated service

Finance, Payroll and Personnel

integrated software for administrative processes such as accounting, inventory, employment and payroll

Document Flow

this supplementary module organizes the document processing pathways

Planning and Analysis

this module provides facilities for planning finances and organization as well as an educational data base containing data collected by the different system modules which is both a source and a tool for analyses and reports