Full Network Cloudification

Take your network operations into the telecommunications cloud and soar above the competition with future-proof IT

The gap between telco and IT is closing as the symbiosis and mutual dependency between these two worlds grows. The adoption of modern virtualization technologies such as NFV (VM-based and containerized) and SDN lets operators escape the need to maintain physical devices and infrastructure, and move to more flexible and cost-effective logical and cloud-native networks.

Not only does it give the opportunity to use and pay for only those resources that are needed at any given time, but it also allows rapid scaling of services as demand changes. CSPs can easily integrate across multiple vendors, technologies and platforms, making deployment of services and upgrades much faster thanks to telecommunication cloud and DevOps. The overall process of introducing new services, from design to development, testing, and production, can become significantly shorter, more automated, and less error-prone.

Comarch solutions help operators with this transition by providing end to end visibility, management and orchestration of modern telco clouds and networks. It provides unified, full-stack access to all layers from customer services to infrastructure, delivering powerful tools and interfaces for designing services and deploying them in various environments (from legacy servers to private, hybrid, multi, and public clouds) using different technologies. It also enables the move towards the edge, closer to end-customers. Comarch solutions support key industry standards in order to allow easy integration with data centers, clouds and SDN controllers.

cloud native networks

Make your goals a reality with Comarch solutions for network cloudification

  • Decrease TCO of network infrastructure
  • Reduce inefficiencies, thanks to a flexible system
  • Improve time to market via rapid service design, development and testing
  • Gain better network performance and scalability

  • Introduce new types of tailored services for your customers
  • Reduce downtime and increase customer satisfaction
  • Benefit from better interoperability based on up to date open standards and best practices

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