Comarch ERP Egeria

The Comarch ERP Egeria integrated management system is a modern, Polish class II ERP system supporting enterprise management. The system offers well-balanced functionality and covers all the significant fields of an enterprise’s operations. It is a universal tool that guarantees the stable growth of every company and is also flexible enough to satisfy their diverse requirements.

Each element of Comarch ERP Egeria can operate as a stand-alone product and be deployed to expand the functionality of applications already in use. Comarch Egeria is adapted to domestic and international finance and accounting standards. It supports trading activity both within and beyond the European Union.
The Comarch ERP Egeria system has the functionality to serve independent enterprises (including those with multiple sites or departments) as well as capital groups and is capable of serving any number of language versions. Now, the system is available in the following full language versions: Polish, German, English and Russian. We hold the copyrights to the system, which means that we can guide its long-term development and possible modification.
Comarch ERP Egeria system


  • General ledger

    This module provides efficient accounting processes management. This is where the documents entered in other

  • Tangible assets

    Information concerning all the elements making up fixed assets, such as tangible assets, intangible assets and equipment that the company possesses is available in the Tangible Assets Module.

  • Receivables – Liabilities

    To reduce the demand for working capital in the organization it is necessary to carefully manage receivables and liabilities.

  • Debt recovery

    If it is often necessary to initiate proceedings for the payment of overdue receivables then the Debt Recovery module should be used.

  • Costs

    This module offers implementation of Activity Based Management (ABM).

  • Consolidation

    This module is used in multi-company structures such as capital groups and holdings.

    • Technical production preparation

      This module updates and keeps records of production plan versions for any time intervals up to and including the deadlines.

    • Maintenance, repair and technical support

      The module enables full machine and equipment monitoring including testing and servicing (inspection, maintenance, operating failures).

    • Employee records

      This is a tool that offers comprehensive employee record support. The module gathers and stores full information about an employee including length of service, qualifications and education.

    • Payroll

      This provides flexible definitions for payroll elements including the algorithms for creating them.

    • Training

      The module allows you to plan and conduct the company’s training policies and programs in line with the overall company development plan.

    • Appraisals

      Conducting periodical appraisals is a tried and tested method for improving communication and is an information source that many personnel decisions are based on.

    • Recruitment

      This keeps an efficient record of candidates at each stage of recruitment until the right person for the job is chosen.

      • Warehouse management

        This module manages goods, materials and finished products in warehouses.

      • Sales

        The basic processes carried out by the module are printing and keeping records of VAT invoices, correcting documents and multi-dimensional sales analyses.

      • Projects

        The module has the capacity to plan costs and completion dates for project stages.

      • Orders

        The module records incoming orders from customers and outgoing orders from the company to its suppliers.

      • Transport

        The transport module records data on your own drivers and vehicles and on those from other companies.

      • The iLog Internet Platform

        iLog is a tool for filling orders from outside the company using the Internet. Customers given authorized access can view offers designed to meet their specific requirements.

        • CRM

          The module is dedicated to supporting business initiatives at all levels and stages of customer contact.

        • Contracts

          The prime functionality of this module is record keeping for contracts.

        • Complaints

          The module makes the complaints process more efficient and provides functionality for defining and monitoring complaints procedures.

        • Controlling

          For planning or data analysis the module allows you to define a new and independent organizational structure such as a holding company or capital group.

        • Report generator

          The report generator tool allows you to analyze data held in every part of Comarch ERP Egeria.

        • Management alert and information

          This functionality allows you to inform and alert selected users of events that may be of critical importance to the company’s processes.

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