Industry 5.0

Manage your factory from one place

Comarch for Industry 5.0 makes use of Internet of Things (IoT) technologies, bringing manufacturing processes into the era of data digitization.

While classic MES systems focus primarily on the integration of machines with IT systems on the production line, Comarch is distinguished by providing full support to users (including operators) overseeing production thanks to:

Internet of Things

The use of the Internet of Things (IoT) allows exchanging data between machines and improving communication between people by reducing the time of flow of critical information that directly affects, for instance, manufacturing costs.

Integration with machines

Manually entered data is integrated with information from machines, sensors, and other IT systems (e.g.,, ERP, WMS), making it meaningful and accessible from anywhere (both on-site and in the cloud).

Business Intelligence

Collecting, aggregating, and analyzing large data sets, using BI (business intelligence) systems and artificial intelligence (AI), allows faster and more accurate decisions based on real manufacturing data.

OEE indicators

Freely defined OEE (overall equipment effectiveness) indicators and other KPIs (key performance indicators) improve the observability of production lines and shorten the time of response to production events.

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Digitize Your Manufacturing Processes by Implementing Innovative Comarch Software

Every revolution brings fear of change. This is why, when designing Comarch systems, we focus on their users. The purpose of the Industry 5.0 concept is to streamline manufacturing processes by using modern interfaces that simultaneously facilitate work and reduce the number of errors, in order to introduce the production plant into the new era of industralization – using the latest technologies that increase efficiency and decrease costs, all with the better use of employee potential.

What makes us stand out?

IoT and machine connectivity

In keeping with the Industry 5.0 concept, we provide real production data directly from any machine in your plant.

UNS - Unified namespace

We will integrate with your ecosystem by a simple connection using UNS – a single source of truth compliant with the ISA-95 standard, allowing you to reduce integration costs.


We present real-time data on production efficiency and other key production indicators in accordance with ISO 22400 standards.

Deployment and SLA

We will install and comprehensively launch the system, as well as provide technical care and support during the use of the system.

Comprehensive Industry 5.0 solutions to streamline your manufacturing processes

Comarch IoT MES

Control and analyze your manufacturing processes in real time with the dedicated IoT MES application. Obtaining data directly from the production lines allows you not only to optimize costs, but also to determine the OEE value essential to lean manufacturing. 

Also, IoT MES Industry 5.0 enables integration with previously functioning systems and devices thanks to modernization – by retrofitting the existing machine plant and supplementing the appropriate instrumentation. Find out more about other application features and their use in industry:

  • Eliminate paper documentation
  • Track machine times
  • Calculate OEE and KPI in real time
  • Increase efficiency and decrease losses

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We integrate with ERP systems

Our Industry 5.0 services are supported by over 20 years of experience in developing ERP solutions, warehouse management systems, BI, IoT, and automation tools, all of which allows us to implement projects successfully and tailor individual deployments to meet the specific needs of our clients.

Comarch ERP

With specially designed modules, ERP systems help to manage a company by integrating and automating the most important business processes. ERP software supports key company areas: sales, commerce, finances and accounting, production, warehouse, payroll and HR. Dedicated modules and applications help to make key decisions by providing reports and analyses.

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Comarch BI

This Business Intelligence software for business analysis and control is integrated with Comarch ERP systems and dedicated to enterprise-class projects for companies all over the world. It helps you make better business decisions supported by data, allowing you to plan and manage much more efficiently, as well as to gain full insight into your company’s situation.

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Comarch WMS

Comarch WMS streamlines all processes that take place in high-bay warehouses, ensuring complete control of the flow of goods in the company thanks to full integration with Comarch ERP systems. An IT solution for warehouse management is of great importance for medium-sized and large trading and manufacturing companies with complex warehouses, where lots of processes are performed every day.

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