Comarch MAP

Comarch Monitoring & Automation Platform: IT infrastructure monitoring

Comarch Monitoring & Automation Platform is a tool for monitoring of the infrastructure and configuration items of the client's systems. The application is based on four pillars:

Thanks to these pillars, it is possible to combine business and structural items into processes in order to ensure the continuity of monitoring of the infrastructure and configuration items in the client's systems. The monitoring is transparent for both the system administrator and the management staff.

The main goal of creating Comarch MAP was to provide a single, consistent tool for monitoring the client's extensive infrastructure, including the option to model business processes and track architectural dependencies. The complex infrastructure detection and maintenance process is fully automated thanks to the Discovery module, and the unified and consistent interface provides visualization of the monitored infrastructure while maintaining business logic.

Comarch MAP works on the basis of a multi-platform analytical application that enables interactive data visualization. The place of storing hardware and software information used in Comarch MAP is the CMDB – working as a data warehouse.The use of a dedicated application ensures the collection of metrics from a wide range of devices, systems and applications, and flexibly defines thresholds for alerts, while data storage in a separate database (big data) allows setting long-term trends.

What are the key benefits of implementing Comarch MAP?

  • Automation – the infrastructure detection and maintenance process is fully automatic, and does not generate additional management time.
  • Machine Learning – a "preventive module" that uses historical data to predict threats to the system. Thanks to this solution, it is possible to detect a potential failure before it occurs.
  • Process modelling – the system enables modelling of business, infrastructure and mixed processes helping administrators detect a failure and locate its cause faster.
  • Monitoring with the use of a consistent and standardised interface, it is possible to monitor the infrastructure both from the administrative and management level.
  • Centralised control – the use of a distributed system architecture facilitates maintenance and expansion, and also provides centralised control over monitoring.
  • High availability – the solution provides high availability (HA) at the application level and with the use of virtualisation.
  • Quality – using the CMDB tool, the system constantly checks if the database is up-to-date by showing inconsistencies with the actual state and helps in their repair.

Functions offered by Comarch MAP

  • Provision of a comprehensive product with centralised control over the monitored infrastructure
  • Collecting metrics from a wide variety of devices, systems and applications
  • It enables detecting problems, because the system generates alerts using an extensive definition mechanism
  • Unified and consistent interface ensuring visualisation of the infrastructure while maintaining business logic
  • Automation of the complex infrastructure detection and maintenance process by using the extensive Discovery module
  • The use of a distributed system architecture facilitating maintenance and potential expansion
  • Application of the Machine Learning module to predict behaviour of the monitored system on the basis of historical data

Comarch MAP Applications’ Modules

  • Virtualisers 
  • Network infrastructure 
  • Operating systems
  • Databases
  • Business systems
  • Setting trends
  • Parameter prediction
  • Detection of new configuration items   
  • Change monitoring

What makes Comarch MAP so powerful?

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