Real-time Data Control & Presentation

Real-time Data Control & Presentation: Real-time Control of Telecommunications Services

The digital shake-up of the telecommunication market and the proliferation of omnichannel makes for more demanding customers, who have come to expect instant online availability of personal, financial and usage data through all channels. Comarch Real-time Data Control & Presentation calculates service charges, controlling buckets, balances, and limits in real time. All changes on the service level, such as purchasing additional packages or top-ups, are immediately presented to the customer through the transparent and accurate Billing Data Platform. The module improves customers’ digital experience by providing readable and easily digestible visual cues, giving a clear view of current bundle consumption, data usage, balances and limits. It is also the source of data for multidimensional reporting, 360-degree customer views, analytical actions ,recommendations and personalization engines – all of which greatly impact the entirety of the customer journey.

The product follows customer and market expectations as well as 3GPP standards. It provides fully converged rating and balance management ready for processing all types of services in online and offline mode, with true real-time control. In line with our network and service agnostic design, Real-time Data Control & Presentation supports IPTV, IPVPNs and Cable TV, as well as fixed and mobile (from 2G to 5G) services.

At the same time, Comarch Convergent Charging and Billing satisfies digital customer expectations in terms of online rating and charging for all types of services, defining applicable limits and controlling them online, and sending immediate notifications about current costs and possible upsell opportunities. With the Comarch tool in place, customers can make changes online, including limit threshold modification, refueling data allowances, and activating additional SMSes, minutes or data packages.

Putting the Digital Customer Experience at The Heart of Telco Omnichannel Strategies

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Benefits of implementing a product for real-time service control - Comarch Real-time Data Control & Presentation:

Simple real-time usage & cost control view

Increase responsiveness and take a pro-active approach thanks to accurate information supplied at the right time. Benefit from standardized interface design across business processes such as Case, Lead, SLA and Contact management.

3GPP compliant

Respond to customer inquiries promptly thanks to convenient data access through a multi-criteria search engine and automated query handling.

5G ready

Simplify all customer relationship processes through collaborative and process-driven registration and handling customer cases regarding any of your services.

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