Processes and Integrations

Discover benefits of the Smart BSS product: Processes and Integrations

Make your work easier

Execute operations smoothly thanks to the set of pre-defined processes (order-to-cash, sales to support, order-to-activity, problem-to-solution).

Benefit from multiple integrations

Use a set of APIs from mailing agent to file gateways and payment interactions.

Keep control and secure the situation

Manage data access, responsibility assignment, methodology, and benchmarking, while keeping abreast of the situation with auditing and monitoring tools.

Processes and Integrations – Multiple integration tool for Smart BSS

Years of experience in the telco field allowed us to master the standards and face the challenges of very specific requirements. We've developed new interfaces and realized complex patterns (both synchronic and asynchronous as well as queues and file exchange).

Comarch Smart BSS functions in a complex environment of mutual interactions and dependencies. The related system capabilities we ensure include:

  • Sending notifications
  • Delivering documents and consents to end customers
  • Account management (by customer service and customers themselves)
  • Variety of online payments (SEPA, direct debit, payment gateways)
  • Business and technical processes automation (including sales, ticketing, system configuration)
  • Connection to the operator service layer


Knowledge is power and an inherent component of running a successful business, but it requires smooth information flow. Smart BSS ensures this on a multilevel scale including:

  • Multiple ways of sending documents (reports, invoices, terms and conditions) internally and externally mean you can organize work, and contribute to seamlessness of all the operations
  • Communication to customers by SMS, email, notifications, and announcements helps to ensure your customers are informed and satisfied
  • Detailed analytical reports, which can be integrated with BI/DWH, to help managers and analysts understand the current situation and draw the roadmap for the future success of your company 


Processes and Integrations – Smart BSS way to increase flexibility

The mechanisms of information collection and process control ensure a high level of system robustness for seamless functioning of your company. Smart BSS provides a collection of business APIs to access and modify the system functions and data stored:

  • Mass processes simplify file streaming followed by aggregation and processing
  • Supported message queues include Apache Kafka and RabbitMQ, and the use of each of them is dictated by the specific business case and following process optimization 
  • For security reasons, we provide access to API through VPN (Virtual Private Network), using the HTTPS encryption protocol for data transfer


The file gateway module is responsible for the exchange, compression, and encryption of a variety of files. The implementation of file gateway in file transfer helps to: 

  • Improve security (auditing, monitoring)
  • Ensure control (information access, responsibility assignment, methodology and benchmarking)
  • Record and track the vast amounts of exchanged data in a consistent manner


The mature architecture of Comarch Smart BSS guarantees a safety-first approach thanks to:

  • Integration monitoring to ensure control over external communication and file exchange
  • Secure profile management including online payments using bank standards and interfaces
  • Control over processes such as sales and service activations, service configuration and availability checks accessed from SSO account

Smart BSS processes and integrations

The highest industry standards - TM Forum processes in Smart BSS

L2O - Lead to Order

The process begins once a customer order is placed, either via the Webshop or a ticket registered in the CRM platform. Then, the order is processed, validated through an integration with service provider, and delivered to the customer. Meanwhile, the subscription is registered in the system and prepared for the next steps.

O2P - Order to Payment

The purchased products and subscriptions undergo the chain of revenue management mass processes, including billing, invoicing, charging, mailing the invoices to the customers, and payment available via the Self-care platform through one of the available payment methods (payment gateways, direct debit, SEPA, and so on). Additionally, the payments are secured by debt collection mass process.

U2P - Usage to Payment

Smart BSS allows multiple integrations of the billing system with data sources to receive EDRs and CDRs and proceed with usage based billing. Then, the process of mass invoicing, charging, and available payment options is implemented. Additionally, the U2P process can be combined with the O2P by merging subscriptions and the usage data in one invoice.

R2A - Request to Answer

The 360-degree view of the client’s account and all its properties streamlines R2A process by providing your customer care with access to the data within an all-in-one solution. The CRM operators have access to tickets created either manually by the operator (such as a call center employee) or sourced from the Self-care platform.

R2C - Request to Change

This process involves capturing customer order information through either CRM operators or the Self-care platform, and triggering the relevant provisioning process. Then, the integrations ensure handing over the order to the service layer (OSS). As a result of this successfully executed process, customers are notified by email or SMS about confirmed changes to their accounts.

P2S - Problem to Solution

Technical solutions reported by customers are dealt with by the CRM platform users. Vast integrations and monitoring tools allow you to streamline the process of identification of the technical issue, initiate the resolution, and close the ticket. Constant monitoring and reporting enables easier application of preventive measures to ensure seamless service.

C2S - Complaint to Solution

Thanks to the broad spectrum of CRM integrations and information, your employees can identify the source of a customer's dissatisfaction with the product, initiate resolution, monitor progress, and close the trouble ticket. Additional vouchers and discounts will help to make up for inconvenience experienced by the customers.

T2C - Termination to Confirmation

This process involves retention activities, capturing customer order information, triggering the relevant provisioning process and handing over the order to the service layer.

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