Asset Tracking

Comarch Asset Tracking

Digitization of the resource flow in the production process

Comarch Asset Tracking

Asset Tracking in production and warehouses

Comarch Asset Tracking is a real-time location system (RTLS) based on the innovative ultra wideband technology. Precise location (down to 0.5 m) of semi-finished products, forklifts, and equipment will support your employees in their tasks and help you monitor processes and respond to problems in real time.

With analytical tools and reports, you will optimize the use of resources and identify bottlenecks in key processes in keeping with lean manufacturing and continuous improvement, which will directly increase the competitiveness of your company.

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Key features of Asset Tracking system

Resource location

High-tech IoT devices, along with browser and mobile apps, guarantee full visibility of the location of materials, tools and vehicles on the production floor and in the production warehouse.

Thanks to precise GPS-like location inside buildings, it is possible to read a position on the map with the accuracy of down to 0.5 meters, and thus find resources immediately.

Process monitoring

Defining digital zones makes it possible to detect tracked items within those zones, so that the supervisor knows on which workstation an item being produced can currently be found.

Also, the system allows analysis of the time it takes a product to be processed on separate workstations. The stored data can be used to reconstruct the production flow of a specific component, supporting traceability (for the purposes of quality management and audits).

Optimization of material flow

Using analytical tools (such as digital spaghetti diagrams and reports), a detailed analysis of the paths and timing of the material flow between production stages can be made, allowing the stages to be optimized and increasing process efficiency.

Moreover, defined alerts (such as an inadequate number of pieces or too long a stay within a zone) help you respond quickly to emerging bottlenecks and downtime.

Buffer monitoring

With resources of a given type counted automatically in material buffers (such as a supermarket or a kanban rack), you can monitor their filling on an ongoing basis and automatically notify employees of the need to deliver more pieces or temporarily suspend production. This eliminates the need for employees to constantly supervise buffers or use kanban cards.

Component picking

Using Asset Tracking system, you can verify that the right components are in the right container or on a designated workstation before the job begins, making it possible to speed up work, and prevent production defects and downtime.

How does UWB work?

Ultra wideband is a radio communication technology based on the frequent transmission of short-duration pulses over a wide frequency range (of several GHz). To determine location, the distance between the transmitter and receiver is calculated thanks to the time of flight method, measuring the time of signal transmission.
Signals arriving from several Comarch UWB Node devices (stationary satellites) are processed on Comarch UWB Tags. There, with the use of an appropriate algorithm, the tags’ physical location can be determined.
Location data from hundreds of mobile UWB Tag devices is uploaded to the Internet, so that it can be interpreted in real time by the cloud application Comarch Asset Tracking.

Comarch UWB devices

Comarch UWB Tag

A small battery-powered device that acts as a mobile marker through which the physical location of a resource is determined.

  • Energy saving feature thanks to a built-in accelerometer
  • Versatile fixing with screws, bands, or glue
  • Frequency of sending the tag position: from 200 ms
  • IP68 case, resistant to environmental factors and accidental drops
  • Exchangeable CR123 battery

Comarch UWB Tag

Comarch UWB Node

A stationary network device that delineates the boundaries of a tracked zone in the UWB system, communicating with tags to determine their position.

  • Ethernet and wi-fi connectivity
  • Remote configuration feature
  • IP68 case, resistant to environmental factors
  • Power over ethernet (PoE) power supply
  • Dedicated mounting bracket

Comarch Asset Tracking application

Comarch Asset Tracking application, provided in browser and mobile versions, enables locating assets on a facility’s map, configuring virtual zones, setting up rules and generating event notifications.

Moreover, it facilitates the analysis of historical location data using analytical tools (spaghetti diagrams, heatmaps) and reports. With the application, you will efficiently configure building maps and your Comarch devices.

Benefits of implementing Asset Tracking system

Reduction of labor costs, thanks to the efficient picking of materials

Increased process efficiency through remote buffer monitoring

Optimization of intralogistics by detecting bottlenecks and downtime

Elimination of human error through the automation of resource location tasks

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