Comarch Innovation Space

Comarch Innovation Space
Comarch Innovation Space is a place where you can learn about a wide range of modern technological solutions offered by Comarch. The zone is divided into areas dedicated to various sectors of the economy, where the technologies of tomorrow are presented using multimedia.

Thematic areas

Customer Experience

We create consumer experiences with our systems and services based on artificial intelligence to increase customer loyalty, improve data performance and manage a complex IT infrastructure. 24/7 monitoring enables detecting and solving problems before they affect the end-user.

Discover technologies that change the world of medicine. Test our Diagnostic Point, e-Care platform and HealthNote app. Thanks to the Comarch Innovation Space you will learn more about the practical application of telemedicine, telecare and the Internet of Things.

See how e-mobility changes the urban agglomeration into the smart city. Get into our e-vehicle, learn more about autonomous and connected Comarch cloud-based services that facilitate work, payments, and entertainment.

ERP & BI systems

Learn how to create modern enterprise management systems using artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things and advanced analytics. See how digitization has changed processes in the retail and manufacturing industries, and how any company can undergo a digital transformation using IT of the future.


We create modern systems for financial and insurance markets as well as demonstrate a virtual financial assistant. Artificial Intelligence is widely used in our solutions, e.g. for the valuation of claims settlement and granting loans.

Internet of Things

Enter the world of the Internet of Things and see how devices communicate with computer systems in the cloud environment. Check the Comarch IoT platform to experience and find intelligent solutions for yourself.

Public administration

Discover our modern solutions and e-services for public administration. See what the point cloud looks like and how we use GIS technology. You will learn about video analyst activities and the use of our Smart Parking app.


Here you will learn more about Comarch software for telecommunications: business support systems (BSS), network management tools,5G (OSS) with artificial intelligence algorithms, as well as IT systems for managing telecommunications in services based on Internet of Things and services implemented in the field (Comarch Field Service Management product). See how mobile networks and telephones evolved from 1G to 5G technology.